Barry LMS

His custom, Barry.

Cow on the line set

His rare cow on the line set

woodenrailway123 (Tom) is a member of the Community who joined on July 25, 2012. He began making videos in December of 2012. He has now started his series and is now into his season 2.

Early On

Tom began his YouTube career with several reviews. They were all very short, and were around a minute long. Tom would soon begin his series following these reviews.


Tom's series is called Thomas Wooden Railway Adventures. This series is currently on its second season. In 2015, Tom started another series called Before We Were Famous which goes over some of the engines from Thomas & Friends before they joined the Island of Sodor.


woodenrailway123 was added to Tank Engines Studios by Percyno6 on September 14, 2014.

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