Updates for season 3 021
Woodenfan 1 is a member of the TWR Community who joined YouTube on December 26th, 2015.

The Beginning

Woodenfan1 started his series Stories from Sodor on January 13th, 2015. He was inspired by Keekre24 and many others. It is filmed in his basement on the floor. After completing season 1 of his series he went straight to season 2, and after season 2 his series went on hiatus with filming episodes for filming Revenge, then season 3 started, and after that season 4. Season 5 followed, and the series is currently in season 6.

Meeting Friends and Reviews

To take a break from his series he did a couple of TWR reviews. Then he met users EzCuldee, TheOldIronProductions, Great Western Way, TWRfan128, and Toby77c . They formed a Google Hangouts group called The Squad. They have been firm friends ever since and have had many streams. He even traded items with EzCuldee.

Wooden Finds

On  Aug 30, 2016 the first episode of Wooden Finds was uploaded. It is a unboxing series where Woodenfan 1 unboxes TWR items and the occasional Mini and Take N Play. He co hosts them with members of The Squad and anyone who wants to do so


He has made several remakes from The Great Race like, Full of Surprises, Vinnie and Philip, The World's Strongest Engine contest and more to come!

The Future

Woodenfan1 hopes to do more reviews, episodes, and Wooden Finds. He has even released his first movie Revenge!