WoodenTrainMaster was a TWR user who joined on September 17, 2011.


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Although he joined in 2011, his first video wasn't until July 24, 2012.  His first video was called "Never Say Never."  In the description, he said it was made a long time ago.  On the same day, he uploaded his first season 1 layout for his series.  


WoodenTrainMaster's layout were considered some of the bigger layouts in the TWR Community.  Compared to other users, he put in a decent amount of Brio items; a rocky hill, sheds, a station, a circle hill, and more.


After uploading his Season 1 layout, WoodenTrainMaster's series would begin with "Shunting Duties".  After this episode, he would make his second Season 1 layout.  He said he didn't like filming on the first one and wanted to make a new one for that reason.  His next two episodes would be "Stanley" and "Turning the Tables".  After that, WoodenTrainMaster would upload his entry for the Thomas Wooden Railway Competition.  His next episode, "Hard to be a Twin", was filmed off of his layout and on a table.  Following this, he would upload his only non TWR video, a Lego Town Hall Review.  His final video would be him playing James' theme on a keyboard.  Uploaded on December 24, 2012, this would be his final video for 8 months.


On August 9, 2013, WoodenTrainMaster made a New Thomas Wooden Railway Layout video.  He said in the video he decided to scrap the old series and start new.  After no videos on the new layout, WoodenTrainMaster would make an update video saying he plans on doing sets instead of layouts.  His new series would be called "The Sodor Chronicles."  He would only put up one episode; "The Exhibition Party".


"The Exhibition Party" was uploaded on September 3, 2013.  It would end up being WoodenTrainMaster's last video he ever uploaded.  His last post was "Thanks for being patient guys. A video should be up in the coming weekend." He would never post anything on his channel after that message.  WoodenTrainMaster will be remembered for his layouts.