WoodenToby is a Thomas Wooden Railway user who joined YouTube August 4, 2015. He currently has over 550 subscribers and 400,000 views and is looking to grow his channel.

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Channel History

WoodenToby joined YouTube August 4, 2015 and posted a remake of Edward's Day Out. Since then, he has expanded his series, Sodor's Railway Stories, done some TV Series remakes, and launched Project Spin-Offs.

Sodor's Railway Stories

The majority of WoodenToby's content is Sodor's Railway Stories, a series that uses Thomas Wooden Railway merchandise to remake The Railway Series by the Rev W. Awdry and Christopher Awdry. He is currently working on Season 2.


A scene from Thomas, Terence and the Snow


A scene from Tenders and Turntables

IMG 1861

A scene from Trouble in the Shed

So far, he has made the following episodes:

Season 1:

  1. Edward's Day Out
  2. Edward and Gordon
  3. The Sad Story of Henry
  4. Edward, Gordon and Henry
  5. Thomas and Gordon
  6. Thomas' Train
  7. Thomas and the Trucks
  8. Thomas and the Breakdown Train
  9. James and the Top-Hat
  10. James and the Bootlace
  11. Troublesome Trucks
  12. James and the Express
  13. Thomas and the Guard
  14. Thomas goes Fishing
  15. Thomas, Terence and the Snow
  16. Thomas and Bertie
  17. Henry and the Elephant
  18. Tenders and Turntables
  19. Trouble in the Shed
  20. Percy Runs Away
  21. Coal
  22. The Flying Kipper
  23. Gordon's Whistle and Percy and the Trousers
  24. Henry's Sneeze
  25. Toby and the Stout Gentleman
  26. Thomas in Trouble

Season 2:

  1. Dirty Objects
  2. Mrs Kyndley's Christmas
  3. Off the Rails
  4. Leaves
  5. Down the Mine
  6. Paint Pots and Queens
  7. Cows
  8. Bertie's Chase
  9. Saved From Scrap
  10. Old Iron
  11. Skarloey Remembers
  12. Sir Handel
  13. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
  14. Old Faithful
  15. Percy and the Signal
  16. Duck Takes Charge
  17. Percy and Harold
  18. Percy's Promise
  19. Percy Takes the Plunge
  20. Gordon Goes Foreign
  21. Double Header
  22. The Fat Controller's Engines
  23. Domeless Engines

Project Spin-Offs


After noticing how hard it is to find annual stories, mini books, and other Railway Series spin-off stories by the Awdrys on YouTube, WoodenToby launched Project Spin-Offs. In these videos, a user scans the pages to a spin-off story and records their narration of it to get some of these stories on YouTube. WoodenToby will contribute what he can, but his access to these books is limited, so he is encouraging other users to participate if they can. So far, only WoodenToby has posted one of these videos, though EzCuldee has also expressed interest in joining the project.

So far these videos have been made:

  1. Tell the Time with Thomas (WoodenToby)

Other Projects

Some other videos WoodenToby has made include:

  1. No Sleep for Cranky - Wooden Remake (AB)
  2. Bulgy - Wooden Remake (GC)
  3. Mike and Frank - A WoodenToby Short (Starring Enterprisingengine93)

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