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Waddle Wheel Production's current Profile picture.

Waddle Wheel Productions is a Collaborative YouTube channel created on August 4, 2016. The Admins of the channel are: TWR Fanatic1, Toby77 c, TWRfan128, Rheneas1866, Coker0415, PokéBrick02, TWRProductions4, Percyfan1998, and The Big Station Studios.


Originally they were all only going to do a collab of, "Best of Thomas", on their own channels and link the videos on 1 video set up like the DVD menu screen. But then, several ideas, and thoughts flying around , during a Skype call, Waddle Wheel Productions was created. In the future, the Admins plan to make their own series exclusively on the Waddle Wheel Productions channel. The series will be uploaded, and made like a TV station/channel not a Thomas series for some have confused this idea with that.

Other Uploads On The Channel

The channel is also used for uploading "Best of..." videos of each admin and the best of... is picked out by friends and the other admins (Ex: Best of Toby77 c). They also upload bloopers, behind the scenes, Live Streams, exclusive series on the channel, and more in the future!


▪The Big Station Studios is the only admin that doesn't use Wooden Railway, The Big Station Studios uses Tomy/TrackMaster I.

▪The channels first Collab was "Best of Thomas" DVD/VHS. The next one is going to be a the admins favorite T&F episode remakes with a Halloween theme.

▪PokéBrick02 is the only admin that has not uploaded a "Best of..." video on the channel, so far.

Brief Ending

On October 22nd, 2016 A Junction Malfuntion/Noah deleted the WaddleWheelProductions channel.


In June of 2017, Pokèbrick02 created a new Waddle Wheel Productions channel. And Coker0415 and him are working on a new series.

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