turtlesandthomas is a user who started making Thomas Wooden Railway videos in late 2014. He is known for his series' dark tone and his character's melancholic, morose attitude. He currently has over 6,000

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Before Wooden Railway

turtlesandthomas did many stop-motion films before Wooden Railway. He had a variety of series and videos he made. His longest ongoing series is called "Clam and Waffle", a series filmed using models of stick figure characters. He has been making Clam and Waffle videos since Summer 2010 and is currently on hiatus with the series. His channel never got much attention. When he started uploading TWR movies, they had a much better fan reaction so he slowly switched to doing mostly TWR videos. Sudrian Conflict has a noticeably darker and more serious tone than his previous series, which may be why his videos have gotten to be so popular. It is likely due to the fact that his take on Thomas the Tank Engine is far different from anything else there has been.

Sudrian Conflict

turtlesandthomas's main TWR videos are Sudrian Conflict (Sud Con for short). This series is a drama and action series and is focused heavily on the people, not just the engines. It is a stark departure from his other videos, as it contains almost no humor and is more story driven. The plot intermixes episode to episode.
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Early episodes were composed of several unrelated stories that eventually became intertwined as the story progressed. He uses an unconventional style of storytelling with TTTE, as each episode takes place on an exact date, and each episode takes place the day after the previous one. However many days pass within an episode, that number is added to the date of the next episode. turtlesandthomas has a large layout in his basement, which he has been working on since approximately January 2010.

Until the end of season 2, turtlesandthomas did all the voices for his series himself. EnterprisingEngine93 was the very first voice actor from within the TWR community to make a voice appearance in Sudrian Conflict, and in season 3 the amount of voice actors increased substantially. The first two seasons are set in 1945, season 3 is set in 1954, and season 4 is set in 1954-68, and a small portion in present day.

Season 4 began on May 11th with an hour-long episode entitled Lineage. The season has since been divided into two parts- Season 4a, and Season 4b. The latter, the final season, ended on June 20, 2018 with the episode Sins.


  • Mallard
  • TAB James
  • LBSC Thomas (MK 1)
  • Glynn
  • Etienne
  • U.L.P van
  • William the Hybrid Engine
  • LBSC Thomas (MK 2)
  • Stanley (for Enterprisingengine93)
  • Jock (for Enterprisingengine93)
  • Skarloey Railway Narrow Gauge Coaches (for Enterprisingengine93)
  • Separated Skiff
  • Blue NWR Ryan
  • Nigel
  • The Refreshment Lady's Coach
  • Sixteen (for EE93)

Other videos


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In addition to Sudrian Conflict, turtles does sketches, commentaries on his series, and discussions on Thomas the Tank Engine in general. His sketches often feature his friends such as MrMPS and EricPierre53. He has made specials for subscriber milestones and in addition also does commentaries, reviews, and crossovers.

Many of his sketches follow an ongoing story arc revolving around his fictional twin brother, thomasandturtles, who wears a blue hoodie instead of a green one. Some of these videos also feature turtles's unnamed cousins. The initial storyline was heavily based on the TV show "Gravity Falls." The plot went on to include a storyline about the "Artifacts," objects related to major TWRC members which held immense power. The Artifacts plotline has since carried over to some of MrMPS's videos.

turtles left the community on September 26, 2018. His final video was a review on the item that got him back into Thomas, the Recycling Cars. The video explained that he would be moving away to go to college and thus would not be able to make videos anymore. All of this culminated with a face reveal.