TrainKing James is a new user who started on January 5, 2014. He creates his own series of episodes and voice acting shorts.  

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TrainKing James' Current Channel Icon


TrainKing James discovered the community in 2011 and began viewing series such as ThomasWoodenRailway, MrMPS2002, EnterprisingEngines93, Percyno6, and LNERFlyingScotsman.

He created a series with a poor quality camera, but none of these episodes survived. He then began to use his family camera but couldn't import files to the computer (He has plans to fix the camera). When TrainKing got an iPhone, he filmed his episode and edited on Windows Movie Maker.
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Scene from one of TrainKing James's Shorts

He created a Twitter account on December 25, 2013. He quickly got attention from Oliver Duck, Doubtfire5599, Crimson2091, and ThomasWoodenEpisodes.

TrainKing James uploaded his first video on the day he created his channel. It was the first episode of his series, entitled "Thomas, James and The Big Freeze".


He began his series with his first episode "Thomas, James and the Big Freeze". This and the first five episodes of Season 1 were filmed in November- December 2013. Episode 6-10 was filmed in January 2014. These episodes were filmed vertically. In a effort to improve his videos, TrainKing switched to widescreen filming.

Season 2 was the first season to feature widescreen filming, Thomas and friends music (including Kevin Macleod music from the previous season), and a new style for episode organization. This season aired from March 2014- June 2014, concluding with his most popular episode, "The Lost Treasure of the Skarloey Railway"

Season 3 began in September 2014 and after a long hiatus returned in March 2015 with Bear and the Fuel Fire. This season featured many season 2 editing style but now includes episodes with special effects.

Cancellation/New Series

In October 2015, TrainKing James announced publicly the cancellation of his old series and the announcement of his new series. He felt his old series had conformed to typical series found in the TWRC. He felt it was time for something different.


So far, TrainKing has completed two movies; Era of the Diesels, which was generally well received and Sodor's Christmas Carol where he went through numerous editing glitches, but the movie was well liked.

He's currently working on one movie:

•Red (Spring 2016)


Trainking James works on his many projects like his shorts, his new series, The Surprise Inside, and many other miscellaneous videos.

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