Season 7 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Stories will be the seventh and final season of Percyno6's revived series, bringing the total to thirteen seasons of both the original and revived series. The season ipremiered on December 31, 2017.


91. Stop and Hugo

92. Falcon Faces the Facts

93. Lyin’ Ryan

94. Gordon and the New Engine

95. Thomas' paint job

96. Jealous James

97. Jack’s Great Save

98. You Will Be Found

99. Stepney’s Dockside View

100. Thoroughly Fearless Freddie

101. Trouble on the Little Western

102. The Butler and the Bad Breakfast Special

103. Caroline’s Chaotic Day

104. The Visitor

105. The Great-er Race


  • Season 7 titles feature 5 from the original series, 5 suggested by fans, and 5 new titles by Percyno6.
  • Episode 92, Falcon Faces the Facts, was suggested by MultiGreenThunder.
  • Episode 94, Gordon and the New Engine, was suggested by Kit Wennerbom.
  • Episode 98, You Will Be Found, was taken from the song of the same name from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.
  • Episode 100, Thoroughly Fearless Freddie, is based on the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie.
  • Episode 101, Trouble on the Little Western, was suggested by Francisco Tapia.
  • Episode 102, The Butler and the Bad Breakfast Special, was suggested by LNERFlyingScotsman.
  • Episode 103, Caroline's Chaotic Day, was suggested by TWR Fanatic1.
  • Episode 100 was originally titled Through the Years, however, that was a holder title until the eventual title, Thoroughly Fearless Freddie, was picked.