Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes is a TWR series created by LMS Arthur. It began on January 25, 2017, and is still running today. The series is currently in its third season.


In January, he decided to make a series called Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Crashes. He thought that the title of the series seemed interesting and made an episode list for Season 1, it being 15 episodes long. Towards the end of the first season, it was shortened down to 14 episodes for no particular reason. The movie following season 1 was called Four Devious Diesels, which was four parts.

Season 1

  1. Fearful Freddie
  2. The Party Crash
  3. Spencer's Branchline Train
  4. A Chat With Harvey
  5. The New Scruffy Steam Engine
  6. Accident at Knapford
  7. The Double Faced Engines
  8. Duke's New Shed
  9. Trouble for the Twins
  10. Rollover on the Runway
  11. Chaos at Brendam
  12. Diesel Goes to the Dump
  13. Stripey Diesels
  14. Valentine's Visitor

Season 2

  1. Animals Galore
  2. Food Trucks
  3. Skarloey and Sir Handel
  4. The Tunnel of Terror
  5. Curious George the Steamroller
  6. James in a Jam
  7. Lorry 4

Season 3

  1. The Engine Who Thought He Could Fly
  2. Sleepy Engine
  3. The Troublesome Twins
  4. Percy the Ghost Engine
  5. Bill, Ben, and Billy
  6. The Train and Car Accident
  7. Cleanup at the Docks
  8. Duncan, Diesel, and the Treasure
  9. Murdoch the Replacement Engine
  10. A Diesel Plan
  11. A Close Call
  12. Payback
  13. Engines in Accidents
  14. Friday the 13th
  15. Spencer and the Jack O Lantern


  • The original episode 2 was called the Party Crash, but was accidentally deleted. He later reuploaded it. Because the episode was deleted, there are two Episode 3's, Spencer's Branchline Train and A Chat With Harvey.
  • Season 2 was cut off short, so the season's main plotline wasn't finished. However, it will be finished later in the series.
  • He wants to give every character he owns a starring role in an episode at some point.

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