Thomas Wooden Stories is an upcoming series created by ClydeiousCat33. The series' first season is currently in production.


The series takes place on the North Western Railway, following the adventures of talking engines who go about their jobs as they get into mischief, crashes, and other incidents.


So far only four episodes have been confirmed, they are all titled but not fully scripted.

Season 1

1) Thomas Saves the Day

2) Diesel Dilemma

3) Good Ol' No Name!

?) Saved or Scraped? (Working title)


  • The first episode of the series is to be focused on Thomas.
  • The number of episodes in the first season is currently unknown, but it is said to be somewhere between 10 and 20 episodes.
  • The series uses sets, much like Annie C's series.
  • 'Saved or Scraped?' is the only episode confirmed so-far where Thomas is not confirmed to appear.
  • 'Saved or Scraped?' is also the only episode confirmed so-far where another railway is shown.

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