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A Quick Beginning

TWRemakes' real name is Clark Montgomery and he joined youtube on December 24th, 2014. However, he didn't make his first video until the 10th of January, 2015 with his first series named "Unlockin' Unboxin'.

Later history (January - February)

Clark was later on getting popular with friends such as the users on the Skype Calls. His Videos were not best but he put as much as effort into them. In late February, he had made many new friends and got up to 45 subscribers and and 1,200 views. He saw that he was making progress with friends and fans. March was a whole different story.

Later history ( March - May 02nd)

Clark was going to wait and take a break from his channel. By March 05th, 2015 had gotten many items in the mail and noticed he had gained 50 subscribers. Since his Part one 50 subscriber video was a failure, well at least to him, he grabbed his camera began to film his second part. It was uploaded on March 7th, 2015. This video gained a booming amount of popularity. It his most popular video till this day. This very good thing would bring very bad things. You see, Had an upcoming review planned to upload on youtube on March 07th. He did not make another review until April. Also his series was pushed back and Episode 1 was not on youtube until April.


Clark established his first series known as "Thomas the Tank Engine And Friends, Adventures of Wooden Sodor".He had switched filming styles during the process of Season 1 Episode 1 and 2. However, he had announced said that he would use the same filming of Episode 2 for the last time in Season 1 Episode 5, Who's Great at Freight. Soon he announced his new series known as "Bat-Engine, The Wooden Railway Series". However, this show as well as the movie was cancelled. He soon changed the name of his series to "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, The Unlimited Tales. He has only made 2 episodes.

The Once And Future Thing

This cancelled special was based on Batman The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited. He had cancel it due the impossibility for him to make. However, some old photos can be seen on his Twitter account promoting it.


Clark started with the name LuketheTWRGuy, then Knapford Express Studios and then to Thomas Wooden Remakes.

Clark was impressed with Bruce Timm's: Batman The Animated Series and got the Idea of making Bat Engine; TWRS from it.

Bat Engine; The Wooden Railway Series: The Once and Future Thing Special is based on and named after the Justice League Unlimited Episode "The Once And Future Thing".

Clark reached over 100,000 views on his remake of Never Never Never Give Up. It is currently his most popular video, second being his remake of TAB, He's The Really Useful Engine, and his third being his first video of his Custom Model Series, LBSC Thomas.


On Feb 10, 2016, Clark said he wanted to leave the Community. He publicly stated that he was having some family issues in his final video "I Am Leaving The TWR Community". The video was clearly rushed, as Clark was on the verge of tears throughout it. Clark stated that he was packing up his collection as he wouldn't have anytime for videos. At the time of Clark leaving he has nearly at 200, and recently hit his 1 year anniversary on YouTube. Clark soon returned after a week of his hiatus.


Clark swiftly made his return only a couple of weeks after him leaving. He announced leaving one more time but quickly retracted that statement. After Clark's return he officially re announced his series, STSR. He also said that his original reason for leaving was his grandfather falling seriously ill. Clark also made a new channel "Thomas Wooden Series" and uploaded a video on it the day before he announced "leaving". This channel has since not been used, and Clark continues to use his "Thomas Wooden Remakes!" account. Clark has decided to stay on hiatus for making videos for a while as he is dealing with his personal life. However, he will still be available on YouTube, Twitter, and Skype.

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