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Clark is a German/American TWRC member who joined YouTube in 2013 in the Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany. As of February of 2018, he will be turning 15 and is currently living in Virginia, United States of America.

Overview of Channels (The Beginning Age, Golden Age, and the Downfall)

Thomas Wooden Remakes, or Clark, began watching videos on Youtube at the age of seven during 2010. He later made a channel on July 23rd, 2013 that was soon known as Skarloey Rheneas. After realizing he needed a fresh start, he started a new one on December 24th of 2014 that was first known as LukeTheTWRGuy, but soon transformed into his current identity of Thomas Wooden Remakes. He soon deleted Skarloey Rheneas due to problems regarding his personal identity and for realizing his channel was a complete failure.   

Thomas Wooden Remakes was Clark's most successful channel, producing remakes, series, reviews and more. However, he had to go on hiatus at the end of summer 2015. He returned in the beginning of 2016, continuing to produce the same content. He even was able to reach over 350 subscribers and around 250,000 views. However, in May of 2016, Clark deleted his channel as he was at awful terms with his loved ones and felt he needed to redeem himself. He left YouTube and only stayed in contact with John, or DuncanWoodenRailway, and was one of the very few people who Clark had told why he actually left.

The Return (Thomas Wooden Remakes 2.0)

In November of 2016, user "Oliver Duck", or Ted returned to the community. Clark heard of the news and took the chance return to the Thomas Wooden Railway Community as Thomas Wooden Remakes on November 19th, 2016. Over his hiatus, Clark realized a chain of reactions occuring not in only the TWRC, but the entire fandom. A massive of strive of creativity, skill, and fun, and he wanted to be a part of it! 

He learned many skills among the following are: 

  1. How to do panning shots manually (with a camera) 
  2. How to do panning shots with iMovie 
  3. How to use greenscreen effects 
  4. How to animate mouths and eyes  
  5. How to make TVS/RWS accurate facial expressions 

These were inspired to many wonderful people: DuncanWoodenRailway, HiroTheJapaneseTrain, and his father! 

Within the period of time he has returned, Clark has partaken in many exhilirating adventures, meetups, and collaborations that he has been proud to be part of: 

  1. January 6th, 2017: Clark becomes one of the original three founding members of the Gallant Old Engine VHS Collab. He unfortunately departs due to move in late 2017. Status of collab: UNKNOWN 
  2. Throughout 2017: Clark send items for free to people. Those being in order of tem being sent; TrainKing James, TWRProductions4, DuncanWoodenRailway, TWRFan128, TWRProductions4 (second time), and Roman's TWREmpire. 
  3. August 8th, 2017:  Clark goes back to the United States of America for the first time in five years.
  4. August 11th, 2017: Clark meets up of with John DuncanWoodenRailway.They have a game of HORSE. Clark wins the first one, and John wins the next one. 
  5. November 9th, 2017: Clark begins work on a MV remake with the assistance of the talented voice of Annie C. 
  6. January 5th, 2018: Clark moves back to the United States of America. This was the first time he officially lived in the United States of America since he turned one yrs. old in 2004.

Clark continues to succeed on YouTube, partake in fun, and meet new acquaintances. As of 1/11/2018, Clark has been on YouTube for nearly 5 years, had 157 subscribers, and over 6,000 view on his new channel. 

Now, the creator of Thomas Wooden Remakes would like to give a few words! 

"I would like first off say thank you to everyone who I have met in the community, even some who I have come to know as the worst that I have seen thus far. Without you I wouldn't have my life impacted which has changed the world around me. I would like to now give thanks to my oldest of friends, the people I first met in the community. 

  1. Ericpierre53 
  2. Oliver Duck 
  3. HiroTheJapaneseTrain 
  4. Thomasfan12341 
  5. TrainkingJames 
  6. Roman's TWREmpire 
  7. MikeMike123 
  8. WoodenRS 
  9. TheRedEngine 
  10. LegoLover117   
  11. MrMPS2002 
  12. FredCoalCar 
  13. ThomasWoodenEpisodes

You guys intoduced me to the community that I know to this very day. I know I don't talk to most of you as much as I did in recent years, but I will always remember you guys for who you are. Thank you!

Now onto some of my newer friends that I met in recent reappearances:

  1. Ryatron12  
  2. Crimson2091 
  3. Duck 'N' Duncan 
  4. EzCuldee 
  5. William Politeski 
  6. Domeless Engines 
  7. MasteroftheLemons
  8. MultiGreenThunder
  9. Coker0415 
  10. Woodenfan1
  11. ThomasFan89
  12. The TWR Critic 
  13. Javrod1996 
  14. Annie C. 
  15. TankEngineThomas  

Y'all are really awesome. Most of you I have either hung out with in the year, I've talked to, or collabed with, or etc. No Matter the case, you are all great people and I am honored to know you.

Now to 3 of the greatest people I have met during my entire time on YouTube! 


DuncanWoodenRailway: John, you are one of the most inspring friends I have gooten to know, not only just on YouTube, but in my entire life. Everytime I struggled with something, you inspired me to go on do twice as good. I was glad that we were able to meet up last summer and I can't wait to see what you have for store in 2018! 

TWRFan128: Aaron, you are one of the most of the joyful people in the community.You always eem to be very optimistic of things, even at the worst of times. You always seem to make me laugh whenever we're in a Skype call. You always compliment me on projects I work on and you are just one of the best people I have met on my time on Youtube! Thank you! 

TWRProductions4: Quinton, like Aaron, you are also a person who also seems to make me laugh. We have had so many awesome times on Skype, btw remember to mash the zero button on your S.C. Ruffey review :=D. You are one of the coolest people I have met in the community and have like John and Aaron, always understood me when in hard times. I am hoping we will be able to meet up in summer of 2018 or 2019, and remember, I will beat you in Madden 18' ;). 

Finally, I would like to thank my parents. WIthout them I wouldn't have gotten this far in life. Thank you for being my backbone Ma and Pa! 

Again thank you everyone, including the supporters of TWRemakes! I couldn't have made it this far without you!"  

                                                                                                                                      ~Clark (1/11/2018) 

Clark has many plans for 2018, which will be revealed in due time. Thank you!  

Clark hopes to pursue in his dream of filmmaking! He is in the process of matering eye and overall facial animation and hopes that this will be the path to his future. He would also like to invest with his physically active part of his life as in 2017, Clark made it into his JV football team as a Cornerback. He hopes that something will be in store for that as well.

In June of 2018, Clark announced that he will be leaving the community, as his interest in Thomas has been diminishing. Clark also wants to spend more time focusing on his personal life.

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