I started doing a series of animated Thomas Wooden Railway Adventure videos mostly involving my grandson Sammy on his Wooden Railway layout.  Supporting characters include Thomas and friends.  I posted Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway videos on YouTube in 2014 only so that my daughter could replay them to Sammy.  All the content is original. Much to my astonishment Gordon and the Snobby coaches started attracting views in April 2015.  I have since completed several other videos and discovered how to make the engines' lips and eyes move.  I am hoping to improve them as time goes by.  The movement of the trains is done by time lapse photography and is extremely laborious as I move the objects manually in tiny steps.  There are about 3000 indivudual photos in each 5 minute long movie! The channel now has nearly 250 subscribers and a quarter of a million views on YouTube.  Channel address is: The latest videos feature the Minions on Sodor.

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