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A scene From "Gordon and the Circus".

Thomas Wooden Journeys is a series created by Montagueduck48.

List of Episodes

  1. Mind My Paintwork
  2. Boiler Explosion
  3. Buried Alive
  4. Gordon and The Circus
  5. Thomas, Toby and The Bike Train (Upload date unknown)
  6. TBA
  7. TBA
  8. TBA
  9. TBA
  10. TBA

Early Episodes

In the first few episodes John had to use Youtube Capture because he could find a good editing software.

Later Episodes

In "Gordon and the Circus", John finally got a better editing software called iMovie, but Episode 5 was running late because his iMovie was bugging out on him.

Skarloey The Birthday Engine and More

His first feature length special "Skarloey The Birthday Engine" was cancelled because of iMovie crashing. So he did a series called "Thomas Wooden Journeys Shorts". He Only Did One Short. It is unlikely That John will do more shorts.

Current Status

The current status of the series is unknown, but is most likely cancelled since there hasn't been an episode in over a year.

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