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a Scene From Henry and The Treehouse

Thomas Wooden Discoveries Is a Series Created By Runawaykittens540a.

List of Episodes

Season 1

  1. Thomas Saves Toby
  2. Mind The Flag
  3. Duck The Brave
  4. Henry and The Treehouse
  5. Toby Catches a Cow
  6. Diesel Goes Swimming
  7. Gordon's Grumpy Day (COMING SOON!)
  8. TBA
  9. TBA
  10. TBA

List Of Specials

  1. Thomas Wooden Discoveries: LIVE Stage Show (Cancelled)
  2. Thomas' Got Talent

In The First Three Episodes

He had to use Youtube Capture Because There Was Not a Good Editing Software. so He had to use it

The Following Episodes

He Got his School Computer. He created The Fourth Episode Called Henry and The Treehouse. But Episode 5 Was Running Late Because His Movie Maker Was Bugging Out on Him. and Then, His idea popped In His Head That He Can Use a Tooth Flosser To Pull The Engines Easily Without Using His Hand.

Thomas Wooden Discoveries: LIVE Stage Show and Thomas Wooden Music Videos

His first Feature Length Special: Thomas Wooden Discoveries: LIVE Stage Show Was Cancelled Because His Movie Maker Crashed. So he did a series Called Thomas Wooden Music Videos. It was unlikely that he would do more Music Videos.

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