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This is a wiki page about Youtube user ThomasWoodenAVI.


He joined the community in 2011 on a channel by the name of knadfordavi. After a couple months of hard work and dedication to his channel, he was hacked and didn't come back for a month. When he did come back, he made a new channel by the name of woodenremake53. This channel ended in 2012 and it was a channel mainly for remakes and reviews. Then, his channel was hacked again and he didn't come back for a year. In the year 2013 he made an account by the name of thomaswoodenavi. This channel was amazing and was very popular around the community. Until late 2013 his channel was hacked again! So he made a return. In July 23, 2014 he made a channel by the same name of ThomasWoodenAVI.


After a lack of uploads and communications with the rest of the Community, ThomasWoodenAVI left the Community again.