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ThomasWRFan13 was a user in The Thomas Wooden Railway Community that joined the community in 2011. Daryl is his name.


Not much is known about Daryl. He made several remakes. He also got a lot which included several 1992 items for $45. He mainly used those in his remakes. His most famous remake was "Pop Goes the Diesel.

He has a twitter and a skype and was friends with several members of the community such as LNERFlyingScotsman, MrMPS2002, and thomasfreak808.

Leaving Youtube

Daryl left Youtube on October 21, 2012. He annouced his leaving on YouTube and Twitter. He left because he was no longer interested in Thomas, and not having a decent camera. He stated to RailwayofSodor that he will keep his channel opened, and he also stated on his twitter that he will come on twitter and skype to chat with the community every once in a while.

Jack War

Daryl came on twitter in the midst of the Jack War, and shiftly guided his support to the community. Even though he didn't know most of what was going on considering he left Youtube, and hasn't been on since he has left.

Closing His Account

On November 27 that year, Daryl closed his Youtube account, and also stated in a tweet that his latest tweet may be his last tweet. He did take time to reply to a question from TheBluebellEngine on twitter before not signing on again. He hasn't made a tweet since then.

Abandoning a Large-Scale Undertaking

Daryl was the only member in the community to acually hold a conversation with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Show creator Britt Allcroft. After discussing with her about the mysterious director's cut script to Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Daryl revealed to several community members (Source: 3HenryTheGreenEngine) that he wanted to work as a community to reproduce the original entire cut, with voicing, music, and several people filming. He left shortly after revealing this.