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ThomasDude5, or Scott, is a member of the community that joined in 2012.

Scott Stonesifer

Scott's original channel was known Scott Stonesifer. On this account Scott improved his editing, episodes, and reviews. The most known video from this time is when he filled a pot of water, put Bulstrode in it, and then dropped the pot. Scott was disliked by some larger users at the time, receiving a lot of hate for his low quality videos. The stress and hate was so high for Scott he decided to try to rebrand himself completely, with a new account and a new channel name and deny any connections to the old account.

The start of TD5

When he started the account, he made a few videos on his eBay items then right into his series. Following originally was very small, not a lot of people knew of his account or wanted to see his videos. More of the videos in season one now have around 80 views.

Reviews and remakes

Scott started makes several reviews and remakes between seasons and did so between most seasons. These helped him to grow a larger following.


Through 2013 TD5 repeated this and by the end of the year had a pocket of fans and reached 75 subs. In this year Scott's channel had the largest amount of growth. Most users became aware of him in this time.

Scott Today

Scott continues to make new remakes, reviews and episodes. He continues to grow in viewers and awareness. At the end of 2014 Scott hit 100 Subs and the number has since increased.