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The TWR Critic (formally known as The Thomas Critic) is a member of the TWR community who joined YouTube on April 15, 2015. His original plan was to do reviews on Thomas episodes/specials, but decided to make Thomas Wooden Railway videos instead. He currently has over 2,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 channel views.

Before Joining the Community

Prior to joining the community, he had been watching videos in the Thomas Wooden Railway Community ever since 2008 and had always wanted to join, but was not allowed to have a YouTube channel until 2015. When he was finally allowed to have one, he immediately started making videos. After making a few videos, he had made an acquaintance with TWR community user EdwardAlba. He had also made friends with other small Thomas users.

After Joining the Community


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After joining, he had become friends with many non-TWR Community members such as FluteGirl2406, Ben11GWR, J&T55 Productions, TankEngineTwins, GT601, Christian LaRocca, Skarloey Rheneas, and many others, although he hopes he can speak to more TWRC members soon.

The Journey

For a while, Critic made a series of TWR reviews. His channel remained relatively stagnant, with a few subscribers here and there. He also produced a few livestreams and made several friends who are still with him today.

After a while, he decided to do a series of remakes of some songs from the new 2016 Thomas special, The Great Race. The first, a remake of the song "Will You, Won't You" was released on July 17, 2016. This proved to be very popular and caused Critic to start gaining subscribers, so Critic continued the trend and made several more remakes. "Will You, Won't You" remains the most popular at over 30,000 views.

Unfortunately, Critic felt that this wasn't enough. What he had hoped for most of all was to interact with the bigger users, but also unfortunately, they had not commented on his videos although they had expressed approval on Twitter. At this time, Critic was acquainted with Annie C., another small user. Most of Annie's friends were a few of the bigger users and they frequently commented on her videos. Critic felt that this was unfair, and the matter was only made worse when Annie made a joke in poor taste about how she was only subscribed to big users on Twitter, even though this was because she was concerned about Internet safety. Critic pointed out that this was selfish and got very upset. Annie felt bad and apologized for her rude actions, which made Critic decide to stay but go on a week break from the internet.

However, as a month went by, troubles at home and the apparent attention that Annie was receiving coupled together made Critic more upset as time went on. Finally, after making several angry posts on Twitter, it got the better of him and he publicly blocked Annie. But after this, Critic realized that his actions of the past month had been wrong and he felt terrible. The two had a conversation in which he apologized and he and Annie agreed to put that month of bitterness in the past. He made a public apology and told everyone he was going to move on and have a new attitude about his channel. The whole incident was valuable because it taught the community to be more diverse in who they view, so everyone has a chance. Since then, he has earned new respect and made even more good videos, recently afterwards passing 500 subscribers. It was a journey, but he made it through.


  • His inspirations are WRR, EdwardAlba, Henryfan88, rboffill, ThomasWoodenRailay, and Jlouvier.
  • His first video was supposed to be a parody of Nostalgia Critic's Transformers Review.
  • Ben11GWR also got Critic into watching Steven Universe again, as well with Flutegirl2406.
  • His favorite movies are the original Star Wars Trilogy.
  • He is also a big fan of Lego, his favorite theme being Star Wars.
  • His favorite character and wooden railway item is Thomas.
  • The TWR Critic was one of the first users to release a remake of one part in "The Great Race" and Review of some of the TWR items, advertising the movie/special.

    Image from TheTWRCritic's review on TWR Ashima

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