The Sudric Legends is a collaboration series between OliverTheGWR11 and Ryatron12 that focuses on Gordon, Ryan and their lovable sidekick, Ninja Buddy.

The series has its own wiki


The Sudric Legends is mainly comedy centred and focuses more on being more outlandish than realistic or serious, though the series will occasionally try to add drama and serious plots, albeit still sticking to the ridiculous nature of the series.. Each episode is uploaded on the other persons channel, example: Episode 1 was uploaded on Oliver's channel, episode 2 on Ryan's Chanel, episode 3 on Oliver's, episode 4 on Ryan's, etc.


  1. A New Beginning
  2. A New World
  3. Despair
  4. Defect
  5. The Great Filler Race
  6. The Twat in the Hat
  7. Fifty Shades of Purple (coming soon)
  8. Operation #800080 (coming soon)
  9. Gordon (coming soon)
  10. Ryan's New Friend


  • Sudric Legends is a collab series, something that has not been done before.
  • Since this is a collab series, the episodes are alternately filmed by Oliver and Ryan.
  • Most of the series has already been planned out, but the stories are made up as they go along.