The Off-Brand TWRC Show (a.k.a. "The OBTS") is a collaboration-style YouTube channel, not unlike TWRC Radio, run by TrainiacJ (Jamie), SodorRailway3DFilms (Dylan), and Duck 'N' Duncan (Matt), which was created on November 7th, 2015, with the first two videos coming out the next day. It has been the subject of lots of controversy because of a conflict between its admins and several other TWRC members.

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  1. Commentaries: Best Dressed Engines (11/7/2015)
  2. Top 10 Most Underrated/Overhated TWR Items (11/7/2015)
  3. Discussions: 2015 for the TWR (11/14/2015)
  4. The OBTS: whoops (12/6/2015)
  5. The OBTS Community Reviews: The Lego Community by WoodenRS (12/14/2015)