The Narrow Gauge Engines

The Narrow Gauge Engines


Narrow Gayge Engines

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"The Narrow Gauge Engines" is the fifth episode in LNERFlyingScotsman's series Percy The Small Tank Engine and Friends. The episode was the first episode to feature the Narrow Gauge engines rather than the Standard Gauge engines seen in the previous episodes. This  was most likely scripted in early March, ad uploaded to YouTube in August after a long hiatus of uploading the series.


The Skarloey Railway had ordered three new engines to help out, which are Duke, Falcon, and Stuart. Falcon and Stewert change their names to Sir Handel ad Peter Sam after they arrive on the railway. The thin controller asks them to shunt in the yards. While shunting Rhenaes an engine that works on the railway instructs the 3 to take seperate trains of fish. Duke takes his train in a hurry in order to impress the engines on the railway leaving Sir Handel and Peter Sam to share the second train. Duke delivers his train and goes exploring around, meanwhile Sir Handel gets derailed outside of a tunnel and smashes into a support from the bridge above.

Duke then later rode over the bridge and crashed onto the two engines Rhenaes and his friend Skarloey came and soon left eventually returning offscreen with breakdown trains.


Duke - Main Role
Sir Handel - Main Role
Peter Sam - Main Role
Rheneas - Minor Role
Skarloey - Minor Role
Peter - Minor Role
Ada - Cameo
Jane - Cameo
Mabel - Cameo


  • Usually in the early episodes, the camera shakes when a clip is about to end.
  • The first sentace i the narration has a grammar mistake.
  • In the second shot, the end of the set can be seen.
  • The "water" ends suddenly in the second scene.
  • A pole on the Knapford Station Platform is loose.
  • The background music cuts off at 0:38 but returns a second later.
  • At the closeup of Duke, Falcon, and Stewert, the camera shakes frequently.
  • The close up of Rhenaes and the ballast spreader Peter, the camer shakes frequently.
  • An editing goof occurs at the close ups of Skarloey and Rhenaes and Peter. A few frames of Skarloey's close up is seen in the middle of Rhenaes and Peter's close up.
  • A hand is seen pushing the barrel cars at a yards scene.
  • The sound effect at 3:17 is late.
  • Rhenaes stops and starts suddenly.
  • The camera shakes ta Rhenaes's close up.
  • The end of the water can once again be seen at 4:53
  • The end of the set can be seen at 5:00
  • Sir Handels and Peter Sam's train stops and starts after a few seconds.
  • The end of the set can be seen at 5:20
  • An arm can be seen pushing the cars in the same scene.
  • Sir Handel's accident can be seen to have some improvements.
  • The camera shakes at the start when the aftermath shot of Sir Handel's accident is seen.
  • The close up of Peter Sam can be shakey.
  • Rhenaes's close up is really shakey.


  • This episode includes the first appearences and speaking roles of Skarloey, Rhenaes, Peter, Duke, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam.
  • The episode ran for 7:03
  • This is the last season 1 appearence of Sir Handel.]
  • References to some TV episodes and railway series stories are made.