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The Creepernator, a.k.a. Creeper, a.k.a. Creep, is an active member on the Wooden Railway Community who joined YouTube on February 1, 2015. He currently makes mostly Wooden Railway Reviews and Sometimes a random vid from time to time. He also had a review series called "Creeper's Reviews" where he reviewed a wide variety of items outside Thomas Wooden Railway. He has since decided to end the series and souly focus on TWR

Before YouTube

The Creepernator has always loved Thomas Wooden Railway ever since he was a toddler. He has pretty much collected Wooden Railway all of his life. However, His collecting really sparked when his mom got him the Aquarium Set for Christmas of 2014. Ever since he discovered YouTube he always knew that there was a Wooden Railway based community online. He had often wanted to join YouTube but was unable to until 2015.

Beginning of YouTube

Creeper originally intended his channel to be a broad mix of both Wooden Railway, Railfanning, and mostly Gaming. He later decided to make his channel a full Thomas Wooden Railway channel. His now cancelled review series "Creeper's Reviews" started off as "Random Reviews". But this only lasted for two Episodes. He decided to change it to "Creeper's Reviews" because of the many other review series on YouTube called "Random Reviews".

Rise on YouTube

For the first three months Creeper had very little views on his videos, and had no subscribers. Until his good friend on Steam "Laxfot" subscribed to him in late April of 2015. After that, He slowly began to get more and more subscribers, And by the summer of 2015, He became somewhat successful. He continued to upload Wooden Railway reviews in the form of Creeper's Reviews episodes. But upon his decision to make his channel full TWR, He decided to make his Wooden Railway reviews their own Independent reviews, and have Creeper's Reviews focus on items outside Thomas Wooden Railway. On August 17, 2015, Creeper uploaded his first Wooden Railway review edited with Windows Movie Maker, and has since then edited almost all of his videos with Movie Maker. That's when he really started to generate more subscribers, and even ended up getting subscribed to by Channels such as Kanefan701, Xtremetrainz, and EdwardAlba.

Activity on the Community

The Creepernator currently uploads Thomas Wooden Railway reviews. He has plans to make another channel dedicated to his Railfanning. He recently made it to 100 subscribers and is nearly at 200. He has also made a second YouTube Channel called CreepernatorMovieBuff, Where he shares his love for Movies and unboxings of DVDs and Blu Rays. However he hasn't lost his dedication to his main channel and is still collecting and reviewing Thomas Wooden Railway

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