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TheStarSwitcher is a new member who joined the community in early March 2016. He has his height and popularity from being one of the first users in America to review the new items from The Great Race. He plans to expand his collection with many rare and hard to find items. Some notable rare items that he has are a 2001 Out of Puff Thomas, Mint 1993 Thomas and Percy toys, and a rare 1996 Shining Time Boxed Duke. His other interests include collecting many 'TUGS' items, Theodore Tugboat items, and various Thomas items, most of the time revolving around the wooden railway. He plans to start a series soon, once he has essentials like bigger tables and a few destinations he's missing. He plans to continue reviewing rare items from the past, and new items from the present. At the moment he has over 1,400 subscribers.

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