TheRedEngine (aka James) is a fairly new user in the TWR community. He would like to be friends with the other members. Even though he is not an "official" member yet, he is on the road to 75 subscribers.
James the red engine nameplate

TheRedClass28's original and current logo


James originally joined YouTube in 2008/9. Although he was not an active member in the community, he frequently watched videos made by other community members. In particular, he was a big fan of Henryfan88, rboffill, ThomasWoodenRailway, Tencents01, TRAINSARECOOL2, and WoodenRailwayReviews's videos. 

Early history

On his original channel, James only had four videos, and about 3-4 subscribers. In 2010, he uploaded his first video on his original channel. He uploaded another video that same year, and two more the next in 2011. He then stopped uploading videos, and deleted all his original videos somewhere in mid-to late 2012. He then deleted his original channel in early 2013, and started watching YouTube as a guest.

Recent history

On July 4th, 2014, James made his current channel, 'TheRedClass28.' He also uploaded his first video that same day, a teaser for a Trainz remake of 'Thomas and the Breakdown Train.' His second video, titled 'Rheneas', was a comedic video. He has also done reviews on TWR products, and has started several other series, including 'Random Reviews,' where he reviews a random TWR product, 'Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends-Season Reviews,' where he reviews each season of 'Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends' and 'TWR Shorts,' where a location on Sodor is shown with some engines working. As of 10/27/2014 he has 58 subscribers.

Channel ♙

Currently, James has privated most of his videos in order to "re-vamp" his channel.


James is currently on YouTube and Twitter:



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