Tank Engines Studios is a TWR group account founded by Percyno6 and SirTophamHatt291.

Tank Engines Studios' Icon


When Percyno6 returned to the Community in September of 2011, one of the people he talked to was Jack (SirTophamHatt291). He had first started to talk to Jack during his previous run in the Community when he was promoting him. As they continued to talk, Jack convinced Percyno6 to get a Skype account. On Skype, Jack introduced Percyno6 to Matt Rosato (then thomasfreak808). Percyno6 would go on to talk to many other users on Skype. In the springtime of 2012, Percyno6 talked to Jack and Matt the most. Percyno6 was always talking about wanting to make a group channel with Jack. Jack wanted to ask WoodenRailwayReviews if they could restart OurTWRCommunity. Percyno6 on the other hand wanted to make a new group account.


Once they came up with the name for the account (TankEnginesStudios), it was time to add members. It was decided that Percyno6 would be the leader of the group. The first member they picked was thomasfreak808, as they both talked to him. The next user was HenryisGreat15. They ended up being the first four members of TankEnginesStudios. Sadly, the group did not last long.


After Jack continued to talk about using OurTWRCommunity instead of TankEnginesStudios, Percyno6 would finally agree to reopening OurTWRCommunity. Once they got the okay from Robert (WoodenRailwayReviews), OurTWRCommunity would be open. Due to the fact that OurTWRCommunity was for older users with a good follow, only Percyno6 and Jack would join the revived OurTWRCommunity. With Percyno6 and Jack in OurTWRCommunity, Percyno6 left it to Matt and Johnny (HenryisGreat15) to do what they wanted to with TankEnginesStudios. Matt and Johnny ended up doing nothing with the channel, thus bringing an end to TankEnginesStudios.


Once Percyno6 had finished editing this very wikia page, he considered the idea of bringing back Tank Engines Studios. Since he was the only active user left, he decided he would bring it back. He first asked Oliver Duck if he would like to join the group account. Once he said yes, the two of them came up with people they would like to join Tank Engines Studios. They ended up adding ericpierre53, ThomasWoodenEpisodes, woodenrailwayonly, and woodenrailway123. Percyno6 officially uploaded an unlisted video on his account announcing the return of Tank Engines Studios and the five members who would be joining him.

2014 Community Awards

On May 1, 2015, days after ThomasWoodenEpisodes left Tank Engines Studios, the members of Tank Engines Studios announced that they were going to do 2014 Thomas Wooden Railway Community Awards. This was something the members had planned on doing since late 2014. Everyone was allowed to vote once per category. With 10 total categories, Community members could vote on 4. These include best episode, best movie, best set, and best layout. Voting started on May 1, with the voting ending on May 8. The Awards video was uploaded on July 31, 2015 with the results of the 4 fan votes and 6 votes from the members of Tank Engines Studios. At the end of the awards video, HiroTheJapaneseTrain was revealed as the sixth member of Tank Engines Studios. Shortly after the Awards video, Oliver Duck announced he was leaving YouTube, and thus Tank Engines Studios. For the second time in 2015, Tank Engines Studios was down to 5 members.


Following the 2014 Thomas Wooden Railway Community Awards, two videos from Eric and Tom (woodenrailway123) were uploaded to the channel. Following this, the channel would have no videos uploaded to it until December when Tom uploaded another video.


In January of 2016, Tank Engines Studios released an update video about their plan for the year. They also announced LegoLover117 as the newest member, and replacement of Ted.

Current Members

  • Percyno6 (Leader): April 14, 2012-June 11, 2012, September 1, 2014 - present
  • ericpierre53: September 14, 2014 - present
  • woodenrailway123: September 14, 2014 - present
  • woodenrailwayonly: September 14, 2014 - present
  • HirotheJapaneseTrain: July 31, 2015 - present
  • LegoLover117: January 31, 2016 - present

Former Members

  • SirTophamHatt291: April 14, 2012 - June 11, 2012
  • thomasfreak808: April 14, 2012 - June 11, 2012
  • HenryisGreat15: April 14, 2012 - June 11, 2012
  • ThomasWoodenEpisodes: September 14, 2014 - April 26, 2015
  • Oliver Duck: September 1, 2014 - August 10, 2015

Fun Facts

  • More users were going to be added to the group during the original run. Percyno6 had planned on adding Stefe2014, but by the time he responded Percyno6 was already in OurTWRCommunity.
  • The account name, Tank Engines Studios, shared the same name of TheBluebellEngine's Studio name until 2013, when it was changed to Jack Calloway Pictures.
  • It was originally going to be called TenderEnginesStudios, but at the time YouTube did not allow usernames with more than 18 characters in the username.
  • Percyno6 is the only original member of Tank Engines Studios who returned for the revival. 

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