Ted's layout for the review.

This crossover was between Jlouvier (Josh) and Oliver Duck (Ted), and they reviewed the Sawmill with Dumping Depot.


There was little to no public mention in the community that this crossover was going to happen. One important related event that happened leading up to it was WoodenRailwayReview's review on the same item. This caused a small amount of controversy, but it mostly blew over. The crossover Idea came from MrMPS to develop the crossover saga further, and link into future reviews.


TYR- Sawmill With Dumping Depot08:27

TYR- Sawmill With Dumping Depot

The video started with a mysterious figure plotting, and talking to the troublesome break-van twins, who appeared in previous videos as evil characters. They get Billy on a flat bed, and put him on the saw mill, as if he was going to be cut up by it. Ted comes in, and stops them. He first questions if he want's to save billy, or let him die. As soon as this is done, Josh appears and is mad about Ted stopping him. Ted is confused, and concludes that Josh came for a crossover, not to kill billy. The review happens without any Crossover Saga plot entwined. The end of the review features a reference to WRR's recent review on the same item, then MrMPS comes onto the screen. He was about to ask Ted to do another Crossover, and then sees Josh doing one with him. Josh runs away, MPS freaks out, and finally Ted breaks and agrees to do a crossover on D199. This was one of the earliest examples of multiple crossovers plot interacting, referencing all of the ones that happened in the past, and setting the stage for all of the ones to come.

Behind the Scenes

Josh's set up

This crossover was initially created after MPS, Ted, and Josh, thought it would be good to continue to build the plot of the Crossover Saga, before introducing a new member into it. The script was written primarily by Ted, but Josh and MPS having input, and writing in some areas. Communication happened for Josh and Ted over Twitter DM's. Blooper's of Josh's part were included in the video.


  • This was the first crossover Saga to not bring anyone new to the Saga, and only used the existing three users at the time.
  • This saga started Crossover jealousy plot, were a user (mostly MPS) gets mad that someone did a crossover with another person.
  • This review sets the stage for the D199 Review, that would bring in many new elements to the crossover saga.
  • This was only the 3rd episode in the Crossover Saga.

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