TWR Fanatic1 joined YouTube on June 18, 2015. He is good friends with Poke'Brick02, DuncanWoodenRailway, Duck N Duncan, TWRProductions4, Rheneas1866, and Coker. His name is Lawrence.

Collecting As A Kid

TWR Fanatic1 owned many rare items as a kid. He had them set up on a train table. He had them set up on his train table until he got Knapford Station, when he built his first layout in his living room.

Early Beginnings

TWR Fanatic1 first began watching YouTube videos back in 2008. He watched users such as ThomasWoodenRailway, PercyNo6, Waylon8tor , TRAINSARECOOL2, MilkTankerMedia , and HenryisGreat15. He made some other earlier videos but most of them were never put on his channel. He first made a remake of Coal in 2012 that was uploaded on his channel. However, it was three years later before he decided to create a YouTube channel. He later made a remake of ThomasWoodenRailway's episode, "The Kipper Caper". In December of 2014, he made another non-uploaded video called "Gordon And The Viaduct". It was never uploaded. Thus, TWR Fanatic1 was born.

First Videos

The first video uploaded was the premiere of his series, Tales From The Sudrian Rails. It was titled Thomas And The Trucks. Soon, more videos were uploaded and the Season 1 of the original series was finished. The movie was titled Sudrian Takeover. It was uploaded, but was shortly deleted, along with all of Season 1.

Big Changes

The new Season 1 was made in October. The first episode was titled The Derek Drama. The episode was originally made just to see how the fans would react to the new series, and the reaction was good. TWR Fanatic1 was back and making videos. The 3rd episode included content from DuncanWoodenRailway, and it was shortly deleted.


TWR Fanatic1 made his first movie in April of 2016. It was originally supposed to be made in summer of 2015, but the first series got canceled. There was no Season 2 movie, but he made a Season 3 movie, titled "Revenge of The Ten".


TWR Fanatic1 has a very big collection. Most of them are originals.

More Changes

As of July 1, 2016, TWR Fanatic1 moved into his room to make his layouts. The remainder of season 3 was filmed in there. He also filmed Season 4 in it too. He filmed the first 3 episodes of Season 5 and then he left.


TWR Fanatic1 returned on December 23, 2017. He announced that he would expand his layout and add a narrow gauge layout. He also announced that he would be taking title suggestions. He is currently filming Season 5 and the Season 5 movie.


He makes layouts, but tends to give them the atmosphere of a set.


TWR Fanatic1 has been on Twitter ever since June 28th, 2015. He was hacked near the end of 2015 by MrDankEngine. The first person he revealed this to was to Poke'Brick02 over a Skype call.


50 Subscribers - July 15, 2016

60 Subscribers - August 16, 2016

100 Subscribers - December 9, 2017