TWR Community Radio was a channel created by MrMPS, Percyno6, and Oliver Duck and run by them.  

TWR Community Radio's logo

The channel was created on December 30, 2014, and closed in early 2016.


TWR Community Radio originally started out as CommunityRadio on March 27, 2014. The idea originally started after some users suggested having Roberto (LNERFlyingScotsman) play his records on YouTube. Percyno6 helped pick out the name "Community Radio." Once the account was created, there was going to be 3 shows. The first was Roberto's Records, where Roberto played his records with users suggesting songs to play in the skype call. The next show was Johnny and the World, in which Johnny (Henryisgreat15) would talk about sports, politics, among other topics, along with a guest. The finale show was Chat Room with Ted. This show would have Ted bring on a guest to interview. The channel didn't last long, and it would soon come to an end.


After the intro came out, only two of the shows had an episode made. The first episode of Chat Room with Ted was talking about what Community Radio is with Roberto and Johnny. Once was first episode of Roberto's Records was made, the account received a strike because of the music and the videos stopped after that.


It wasn't until the end of 2014 when Community Radio was brought back. When MrMPS was traveling, he thought of bringing back Community Radio. When he asked the other people involved with the original Community Radio, they all agreed Community Radio should be brought back.

A new channel was opened on December 30, 2014 and Community Radio was renamed to "TWR Community Radio." Instead of 3 shows, this time around there would be 6 shows. Of the original 3 shows, only Johnny and the World would not return. While Johnny no longer wanted to have a show, he can still be found as a member of the skype call during Roberto's Records and apart of TWRC Radio Against Humanity.

While Roberto's Records and Chat Room with Ted were returning, four shows were added. MrMPS's Thomas Battles, Percyno6's Percy's Ever Present Past, HiroTheJapaneseTrain's Matt's Merchandise, and WoodenRS's TV vs. Railway Series. Every week, one of the 6 shows release their show. To get around a strike from Roberto's Records, the show is put up as a live stream and deleted after the stream is over to prevent the account from getting a strike.

After the first round of shows, WoodenRS's TV vs. Railway Series was replaced with EricPierre53's The Sodor Workshop. "TWR Community Radio Against Humanity" was also created by MPS and Roberto shortly afterwards as a new show to add to the channel.

However, in early 2015, Matt grew tired of making 'Matt's Merchandise' and decided to start a new podcast/discussion show titled "Getting With the Times".

In mid-2015, Ted left the community, and by extension, TWRC Radio. Soon after Ted's departure, ThomasWoodenRailway would join TWR Community Radio with "The Keekre Report" as the replacement for "Chat Room with Ted."

Eventually, all of the administrators grew too busy to continue uploading to the channel, and it was officially closed in February 2016. However, Percyno6 would later continue Percy's Ever Present Past on his own channel.

Final Members

Final Shows

Thomas Battles

Hosted by MrMPS, it was a show where 3 users competed against each other in five debates, with a winner being declared at the end of each debates. EricPierre53 was the Thomas Battles champion.

Getting With the Times

Hosted by HiroTheJapaneseTrain, it was a podcast show where Matt and some guests shot the breeze and discussed any topics on their mind, Thomas-related or not, similar to how Johnny and the World would've been.

Percy's Ever Present Past

Hosted by Percyno6, it was a show where PN6 talks about past events or things so that the newer users can see how it was back in the old days of YouTube where there was no fighting or harsh feelings.

Roberto's Records Live

Hosted by LNERFlyingScotsman, it was a show in a live stream where Roberto plays his record collection. Other Show Runners appeared in this show and suggested records and every once and awhile Roberto took requests from the live stream audience.

The Sodor Workshop

Hosted by EricPierre53, guests were brought on to talk about some of the worst TWR items and ways they can be fixed, as well as pitching new items for the future.

The Keekre Report

Hosted by ThomasWoodenRailway, Keekre discussed random topics, including TWR history, reading hate mail, among other topics discussed with a guest.

TWR Community Radio Against Humanity

A fun yet R-Rated show where various members of TWRC Radio play "Cards Against Humanity". It had no definitive host or place on the schedule.

Former Members

Former Shows

Johnny and the World

Hosted by HenryisGreat15, this show discussed what has been happening in the world. Topics include politics, sports, and any other things he would like to talk about with his guest. The show never had an episode uploaded, and the show wasn't brought back when Community Radio was brought back.

TV vs. Railway Series

Hosted by WoodenRS, this show talked about differences on various topics from the TV Series and the Railway Series. The show ended when WoodenRS was removed from the channel.

Matt's Merchandise

Hosted by HiroTheJapaneseTrain, it was a show where Matt talked about a specific item in the Thomas Wooden Railway. The show ended when Matt canceled the show in favor of another show idea he had.

Chat Room with Ted

Hosted by Ted, it was a show where Ted interviewed members of the community about their channels and their lives in general.


  • Roman TheTWRCollector (Thomas Battles, Getting With The Times)
  • TrainKing James (Thomas Battles)
  • Matt Rosato (Chat Room with Ted)
  • LegoLover117 (Thomas Battles, Getting With The Times)
  • MikeMike123 (Thomas Battles, The Sodor Workshop)
  • Woodenrailwayonly (Chat Room with Ted and Thomas Battles)
  • SodorRailway3DFilms (Thomas Battles)
  • TEHGJPTDDDO (Thomas Battles)
  • ThomasWoodenEpisodes (Chat Room with Ted)
  • TRAINSARECOOL2 (Percy's Ever Present Past, TWRC Radio Against Humanity)
  • HenryisGreat15 (TWRC Radio Against Humanity)
  • WoodenRS (Thomas Battles)

Show Logos

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