TWRProductions4's current icon.

TWRProductions4 joined on November 22nd, 2015 but made his first video on the 24th which was an unboxing with his friend (Whom hasn't appeared in a video since his layout building video). His channel was meant to be based around reviews and a series, but his series didn't start until June 26th, 2016. He also started doing remakes in August of 2016. Quinton was a part of the WaddleWheelProductions collab channel until it fell through twice and he decided not to participate in the second revival of it.


Quinton first discovered YouTube in 2010 and along with that ThomasWoodenRailway's (Keekre) channel. Quinton lost interest in Thomas a lot as a younger kid, and did not watch YouTube that frequently. Although when he did it was usually Keekre, or Rbofill, as he had not heard of any other users yet. As Quinton got older he began to like, and respect Thomas more, and began liking it for longer periods of time. In mid 2015 Quinton started watching many more YouTubers, and was inspired to make his own TWR YouTube channel.

Early Beginnings

Until about May 4th, 2016 Quinton had only two subscribers (both of which being himself on other channels), but once his second layout video was uploaded TWRfan128 saw it, and his other videos and felt he didn't get enough attention & decided kept up to date with his content. On June 9th everything went uphill when TWRfan128 commented on Quinton's Log Flatbed Custom video, and said that he liked the video and he might make some of them and also that he was going to give him a shoutout in mid to late June to help him grow because he still had 3 subs. The shoutout did come out, but we don't know exactly when as the video is gone now, and Quinton grew rapidly after that.


Quinton started a series, named Secret Tales of the Sudrian Rails, which was going to be progressed as soon as he could, but it stopped mid production. It had a completed first episode that was going to be remastered, and half of the second episode when it was cancelled. He also has done some remakes and plans on doing more. A new series of reviews are also gonna be made soon but it will not be the main focus of his channel. Many other videos will also be released including some unboxings, customs, live streams, set showcases or building sets, and various other videos. As of summer 2017 Quinton has three remakes planned, along with a few trade unboxings, and a collection video.


In July 2016 Quinton got Skype and almost instantly started to talking to Toby77 c. Toby introduced Quinton to PokéBrick02 on Skype whom he was already familiar with from some of his videos. In late July, Quinton started talking to many more people that have now became good friends. Quinton still uses Skype and occasionally Google Hangouts for streams & talking to users. At the moment he talks to a lot of users mostly on Skype.


  • Quinton used to make videos pretending he was on YouTube.