TWRC Collab Specials are another type of collaboration in this community. Instead of the typical collab, where 2 or more users do a crossover review, these collabs are remakes of Thomas DVDs and Original Episode Ideas.

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The logo for the collab that started it all


In the beginning of 2016, a big blizzard hit the east coast of the US, that impacted users HiroTheJapaneseTrain, Roman'sTWREmpire, TrainKing James, and MikeMike123. They all were stuck at home, and figured making videos outside would be a great way to make use of the blizzard. One day in January, everyone listed above were in a Skype call thinking of ideas for their blizzard videos. Matt suggested that they all come together a create a story about sodor during the blizzard. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and that day they worked hard with additional help from LegoLover117 to create a script. After three months of on and off work, the collab was released and met with praise. Everyone involved had so much fun, so the idea of another collab wasn't out of the picture.

Sodor Stories Episode 10: The Sudrian Blizzard


The first collab in the series, "The Sudrian Blizzard," was the final episode in HiroTheJapaneseTrain's first season of "Sodor Stories." During the editing process of this collab, the group made a decision to include it in Matt's series as he was struggling to complete season one. The collab focused on a big blizzard that had hit Sodor and the surrounding areas. All the users that filmed shots for this episode went through back breaking work to film with their collection in the snow. It was released to Youtube on April 19th, 2016, and met with a lot of praise.

Remake Collabs

After the high praise met to the first collab, the users of the first collab and two new additions, DuncanWoodenRailway, and WoodenRS, the decision to make a "sequel" was made. This time, by suggestion of Mike, the group decide to remake an existing Thomas and Friends US DVD. With a tough decision on which one to do, the group came to a consensus to remake the DVD "Thomas and the Special Letter." Later in the year, the group did a remake collab of the DVD "New Friends for Thomas."

Thomas and the Special Letter Full DVD Remake


As a sequel to the original collab, HiroTheJapaneseTrain, Roman'sTWREmpire, TrainKing James, MikeMike123, LegoLover117, DuncanWoodenRailway, and WoodenRS all came together to remake a US Thomas DVD. This was almost the complete opposite of the last collab, and was the highlight for the group's summer of 2016. It was released on July 22nd, 2016 after over a month of hard work from the group. They remade all the episodes included on the DVD and even the sing along song "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover." The music video was edited by Roman, and even included the bouncing steam cloud effect from the show that follows along with the song. They also remade the nameboard intermissions between the episodes, which was a perfect opportunity to throw some originality into the remakes. The collab was an immediate success when it was first released.

Music Video/Controversy

Originally, the idea was to have one person remake the music video on their own, and that would count as their episode. When it came down to who did what, WoodenRS was put on the job of the music video. He was upset as he felt this was unfair as everyone else had their own episode with related shots, while Sam had several different scenes that didn't connect. This led to an argument, and Sam originally had no part in the collab. A new decision was made making the music video a project everyone comes together on to wrap up the collab. This same idea was used in the "New Friends for Thomas Collab."

New Friends for Thomas Full DVD Remake

Maxresdefault (1)

After the explosion of support "Thomas and the Special Letter" received, and the enjoyment all the members had from making it, a sequel remake collab was made. This time the group saw some new arrivals and some departures. This time around Woodenrailwayonly, Edwardthegreat248, and MasterOfTheLemons all joined the group to take part in the collab. Due to a time of tension and arguments MikeMike123 was in a conflict with several members of the last collab, and he did not take part in this collab. Due to business and disinterest in videos at the time, DuncanWoodenRailway, who was originally going to do a remake in this collab, dropped out. Eight users were involved in this collab, six of them remaking an episode, and the other two contributing to a portion of the music video. Edwardthegreat248 edited the music video for this collab.

Collab delays/Lack of time

When this collab was decided upon, many of the user's summer vacations were coming to an end. This meant less time for everyone to work on videos. In effect, this caused the collab to be delayed by over a month. Roman had several personal issues come up at this time, and as a result didn't give him enough time to finish his remake until late September. John had moved that summer and his new school overloaded him with work, leading him to become disinterested in making videos. In mid August John unfortunately dropped out and new comer MasterOfTheLemons did his remake. LegoLover had to set aside his hatred for Old Iron Bridges to let Lemmy in the collab. The collab was finally uploaded over 2 months after being announced on October 12th, 2016.

Ultimate Christmas Full DVD Remake

After "New Friends for Thomas" was (finally) released, there was much speculation on what the next collab would be. Many users suggested a Christmas collab, which the friends had ideas for. To throw people off their scent, EdwardtheGreat248 suggested they announce they were remaking "Creaky Cranky" instead. No one used this tactic, and there was really no fooling anyone. But it was a good joke to hold people over until December. On December 3rd, a trailer, edited by TrainKing James, was uploaded to HiroTheJapaneseTrain's channel, confirming that an Ultimate Christmas collab is coming. The users uploaded their remakes in a 12 days of Christmas style, and the full collab was slated to be released on Christmas Day. Everyone from the previous collabs, minus MikeMike123 and WoodenRS, returned for this 3rd installment. WoodenRS had signed on for the 3rd installment, but dropped out due to lack of interest. He has since disappeared off the face of YouTube and Skype. As a result, the friends enlisted the help of MultiGreenThunder, a new face to the Collab Trilogy, to fill up the last remaining spot.

Uploading Issues

Nearing the end of the 12 days schedule, time was running out for several users. Uploads started coming out later and later with users such as DuncanWoodenRailway, needing help filming and editing. Everyone's remakes and the group songs had came out on time up until HiroTheJapaneseTrain's Toby Had a Little Lamb remake, when his computer starting giving him troubles, and the remakes wasn't uploaded until Christmas Eve morning. Meanwhile, MasterOfTheLemons worked hard on the 12 Days of Christmas Song, but unfortunately some users didn't send their lines and clips in until Christmas Eve, and the Song was uploaded on Christmas Morning. The final collab couldn't be edited by Matt, as he was busy, so WoodenRS started editing the full collab on Christmas Eve. At the same time, the music videos for The Snow Song and Winter Wonderland were being finished. Roman didn't finish The Snow Song until the night of Christmas Eve, and was having uploading troubles. Thankfully, the problem fixed itself and the song was uploaded over night. During Christmas Day, the finishing touches were added to the final collab, and later that night it was public on YouTube.

Current Day

There isn't much known about another Collab installment. The group has mused on the matter, with new contributors in mind. However, as it stands, the future for the TWRC collab specials is uncertain.

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