TRAINSARECOOL2's Current and Final Logo

TRAINSARECOOL2 (Damian) is the longest running member in the community He began his long run in the community on May 4th, 2007.

Early years

Damian began making videos in 2007 using a Kodak picture camera which had a record video option. The Kodak picture camera that he used wasn't the best bet. For a while, Damian had to do his remakes in 2 parts because the Kodak picture camera would act weird.

"I still have the Kodak picture camera to this day even after all these years. All It does is sit in a drawer somewhere in my house. It really sucked though. One of the screws on the front came off, only to be lost forever. The front was dangling off and it looked horrible. The quality kinda sucked too and sounded like shit whenever you'd zoom in while recording something. It took decent pictures though." - Damian

eBay Unboxing Videos

TRAINSARECOOL2 was the first user to ever start making eBay unboxing videos. First starting with his NIB N.W. Brakevan which was uploaded on August 7th, 2008. His most famous eBay unboxing video was the 1992/1993 LOT (with 1 1994 item) which was released on July 20th, 2009. Many users would begin to follow along Damian's path and start doing eBay unboxing videos such as rboffill and LNERFlyingScotsman. Damian then started to not put the "My New" in the title of the video anymore and would just call the video "wooden insert name and year of item here". There was only one other time where he put "New" in the title of the video. That video was "New Lot" which was released on October 8th, 2011. Once January 2012 came around, Damian started doing monthly purchases videos. His 2012 September purchases was his last purchases/eBay unboxing kind of video.

1992 collection

In 2008, Damian set out to collect 1992 items. In July 2009, he won a lot that included a James, Henry, Ben, Troublesome Truck, Tree, STH and workman, which were all from 1992/1993, plus, the lot had a 1994 Breakdown Train. By 2012, he obtained over 30 originals. In August, he obtained 46. In October, he ended his 1992 collection by getting a NIB 4" pack of track.

The end of the legend

Damian began privating all his videos in August then unprivating some of them. He uploaded very few videos after that. In November, he privated all of his remaining videos and left YouTube, only leaving a notice of his departure in his channel description.  At the time of his leaving, he was the longest active member in the community.


Damian remained active on Twitter until August 2015 and hasn`t made a tweet or been active on his channel since. He will always be remembered as for his huge 1992 collection and being one of the longest active community members.