Sudrian Stories was a series by OliverTheGWR11 before his original account was deleted. Oliver has deemed his original series cringe inducing and badly written. The series can no longer be viewed, as Oliver accidentally deleted his channel, and has since made a new one, (with no intentions of continuing his series).


The first five episodes Oliver considers the worst, getting the worst of Oliver's early high voice, bad ideas, and bad filming, three of the five being almost remakes of already existing episodes. The next most notable thing was his his season movie, ZERO. Oliver despised this movie even more. Oliver thinks his episodes improved after ZERO, with more users such as turtlesandthomas noticing him. Finally, the last few episodes he called "The Tyler Trilogy", revolving around an engine named Tyler. He also planned out a movie, "Out With A Bang". Oliver is considering remaking The Tyler Trilogy on his new channel.

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