Sudrian Shorts is the name of Percyfan1998's own original series. Officially starting in 2014, with his parody of 'The Diseasal' being the unofficial beginning. The series map is based on the Railway Series continuity, and includes a mixture of RWS and TVS characters. Voice actors are used in the series, though the cast is often lenient.

The current era of the series is 2007 onwards.

Cast (So Far)

Percyfan1998 - Narrator

MilkTankerMedia - Diesel

MrMPS - Justin

KnapfordTrevor28 - Henry, Rocky

Christopher Bouchard - Duncan

TheHappyTruckShunter - Peter Sam/Stuart

turtlesandthomas - James


  • James' Calamity
  • I Was a Teenage Wreck
  • Heat Stroke
  • Misfortunes
  • Surprise for Percy

Cancelled Episodes

  • Percy Takes Off

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