Sudrian Escapades! is a wooden railway series created by Annie C. It is filmed on detailed sets and

Benjamins Rocket (Annie)

A scene from the series pilot, "Benjamin's Rocket".

string propulsion is used to propel the engines. The music used in the series tends to be mostly remakes of Thomas and Friends themes, provided by Annie's brother and other Thomas fan musicians, as well as fan-created Thomas music and the occasional non-Thomas instrumental or two.

For the most part of Season One, Annie and her brother did all of the voices. MultiGreenThunder was the first voice actor to be introduced in the series, when he voiced the role of young Mr. Perkins in Young Whippersnappers.

Annie does not plan on having a full voice cast anytime soon, but in future there will be the occasional "special guest star" (guest voice actor) or two in selected episodes.

The episode stories are very much like the stories from the TV series, except for the occasional obscure humorous moment or emotional scene. From Collision Course to Young Whippersnappers, the Narrator's role was somewhat reduced, but this may change from episode to episode.

List of Episodes

Season One

1) Benjamin's Rocket

2) An Awkward Predicament

3) Collision Course

4) Things That Go Bump In The Shed

5) Wildfire

6) Young Whippersnappers

7) All is Well

8) Confidence

9) Oil and Water.. (TBA)

10) On Strike (TBA)