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Sudrian Escapades! is a wooden railway series created by Annie C. It is filmed on detailed sets and

Benjamins Rocket (Annie)

A scene from the series pilot, "Benjamin's Rocket".

string propulsion is used to propel the engines. Annie and her brother voice all of the characters themselves. The only music used is remakes of Thomas and Friends themes, provided by Annie's brother. There will be ten episodes in each season.

The episode stories are very much like the stories from the TV series, except for the occasional obscure humorous moment. As of Collision Course, the Narrator's role has been somewhat reduced.

List of Episodes

Season One

1) Benjamin's Rocket

2) An Awkward Predicament

3) Collision Course

4) Things That Go Bump In The Shed

5) Wildfire

6) Young Whippersnappers

7) Out of Date Parts 1&2 (Part 2 has yet to be released)

8) Gordon's Shed (TBA)

9) Second Chance (TBA)

10) Diesel 10 (TBA)

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