SodorRailways Productions


Using the account name johnwylie100, he was assissted in making videos in the year 2010. Since moving to his current account (SRP) he got 75 subscribers on the date November 11, 2015, (US Veterans Day).


He makes two series, Little Railway Adventures (on hiatus) and The Wacky Tales of Sodor (TWTOS)


-he has not revealed his name or age

-he lives in Australia

-he is now, after getting 75 subs, one of the longest standing community members

-he was featured in a "Meet the New Members of the Community" video

-he has a unique series style



-has more episodes than LRA

-unique and occasionally innapropriate stroyline

- non-tv/rws events, places, characters, and settings occur

-renouned by the viewers as an "Out of this world TWR comedy show"


-focues on the narrow gauge railway

-first series

-less episodes

-some missing

-first known for

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