Divergent Diesel

Sodor's Golden Age is a series created by Sudrian Trainspotter which commenced in December of 2016.


Sodor's Golden Age will utilize a flexible time line, exploring stories from a variety of time periods of Sodor's Railway history. Alongside of original stories, episodes will also build upon Railway Series and TVS events and continuity.


  1. Divergent Diesel
  2. Little Engines
  3. Old Stuck-Up
  4. Maverick
  5. Smoldering Spite
  6. The Silent Night Special


Prior to developing the series officially, Sudrian released a few shorts on his channel. Of these shorts, he considers Big Red and Two's Company as canon to the series. Future Shorts with connections to Sodor's Golden Age will be released alongside of full episodes.

Canon Shorts are as follows:

  • Big Red (present day)
  • Two's Company (1923)
  • Words of Warning (1963)