Ryan's older icon used for the majority of 2015.

Ryatron 12 is a member of the Community who joined on February 10, 2015.

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Ryan's current, 2016 Picture

Ryan's 2016 profile picture.

The Beginning

Ryan's channel started off small due to the fact bullys from his school who disliked his channel and contstanly left hate in his videos. However, that would all change because of a certain tweet from Ted (Oliver Duck). Ted helped get Ryan's channel off the ground by promoting Episode 1 of Ryan's series on Twitter. After this, people such as Legolover117, HiroTheJapaneseTrain, Roman'sTWREmpire and MikeMike123 were quick to catch on to him

TWR Stories of the Tracks

TWR Stories of the Tracks is Ryan's personal Thomas series where he inherits the classic stories of Thomas and his friends, while doing something new by having the show take place in modern day and onwards with the series starting off in 2015 and season 1 continuing till 2016 and with season 2 planning to start off where season 1 starts off.

Behind the Scenes

Right off the bat, Ryan knew he wanted to put as much effort into his videos as he could with sets, string and artificial lighting. Ryan made a large filming set in his garage on a low table, which caused some problems with filming. Lighting was also difficult as one of his lamps was made of metal and the metal got uncomfortably hot when lit, causing Ryan to burn himself on several occasions. Also, for the first few episodes of his series, the edge of the seat Ryan sat on while filming was seen, but the problem was soon fixed.

Skype and twitter

When Ryan first joined, the community, he wasn't allowed to have Skype, so Ted gave Ryan his skype name by PM if he ever did join, which he eventually did. Twitter was a different story. Ryan never intended to make a Twitter account, preferring Skype and YouTube, but ended up making an account to keep track of other members' tweets.

The Sudric Legends

Mid 2015, Ryan became close friends with OliverTheGWR11. The two would often make stories on their layouts and sets while talking on Skype, and they both always had the idea to make their stories into some sort of series at some point. Eventually, it was decided in November, after a story with Gordon and Ryan, that they would make a series. They both released trailers on their channels which have received positive reviews. The series is titled 'The Sudric Legends'.

The series also has it's own wiki.