Roman'sTWREmpire is a member of the TWRC who joined YouTube on January 22, 2014. Roman has his own series, remakes, and reviews on his channel. 

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Roman's most recent profile picture.

T. Jetmar

Since he wasn't accustom to Youtube or Google at the time, Roman kept changing his username. He was trying to think of a username, but did not realize until too late about Google's name changing policy. So he had to stick with the username, "T. Jetmar". He was not fond of it and was stuck with the name until August of 2014. He then changed it to the name being used until June 2016, "Roman TheTWRCollector".
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An older profile picture.

Roman TheTWRCollector

In August 2014, Roman finally decided to take a stand and change his channel name. He stood with this name for almost 2 years. On May 27, 2016 Roman decide to post a poll on twitter about changing his channel name. The name "Roman'sTWREmpire" won, and is now Roman's new channel name.
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One of his older profile pictures.


When Roman changed his channel name, he also wanted to revamp his channel. From this time of the channel revamp to nearly August of 2016, Roman uploaded a new video every Saturday. His original plan although, was to upload every Saturday from there on out. Near the end of the summer, Roman started to have personal problems which led to the demise of this plan.



Roman's past profile picture.

The first video Roman uploaded was a video showcasing his layout for most of the first season of his series. After that he uploaded the first episode of his old series, "Isle of Sodor Stories".

Sodor's Revolution

Roman's older series has since been canceled to bring way for a brand new series, "Sodor's Revolution". Many believe it to be a Sudrian Conflict ripoff, but Roman can assure it's not. He has talked to the creator of Sudrian Conflict, turtlesandthomas, and he doesn't view it as a ripoff.

Season 1: Prologue

Episode 1: Slip Ups

Episode 2: Trials and Tribulations


Roman has decided to also do reviews on his channel, so far he has done 5.

1: 2014 Duck

2: 2014 Bill and Ben

3: 1994 Sodor Bay Cargo Ship

4: Crosby Station Cargo Truck

5: Gator


Prior to the 2015 holiday season, Roman had done one remake of "Ghost Train." Since then, he has accomplished a great feat in completing 12 remakes for the "12 days of Christmas" in 2015. They were all remakes of existing Thomas & Friends episodes.

1: Ghost Train

2: Stepney Gets Lost

3: Thomas, Terence and the Snow

4: Thomas' Christmas Party

5: Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree

6: Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure

7: A Scarf for Percy

8: It's Only Snow

9: Jack Frost

10: Snow Engine

11: Not so Hasty Puddings

12: Duncan the Humbug

13: Diesel's Ghostly Christmas: Part 1 Part 2

14: Bye George!

15: Home At Last

16: The Spotless Record

17: Haunted Henry

18: Snow


Roman has been involved in several collaborative videos so far this year. Working with the likes of HiroTheJapaneseTrain, TrainKing James, MikeMike123, LegoLover117, DuncanWoodenRailway, WoodenRS, Woodenrailwayonly, and Edwardthegreat248. It has been so much fun for all of them.


Currently, Roman's channel is meant for just TWR Reviews, Episodes, Remakes, and Un-boxings. If there's one thing he needs to improve, it's the amount of videos being released. He has recently acquired Final Cut Pro, which he hopes to take advantage of in his videos of 2016.

Roman Today

Roman now has many friends including LegoLover117, MrMPS , TrainKing James, WoodenRS, and Oliver Duck, etc. He also has Twitter and Skype.



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