rboffill a.k.a. Ryan was a TWR user who joined YouTube on April 13th, 2008. 

Early Years

He made videos about Thomas Wooden Railway trains he bought from eBay and used them his remakes. Ryan planned out his layouts and would buy what he needed to build it. He was also one of few to play with model trains as well as wooden trains.

Later Years

Ryan made many friends through the years. He was friends with ThomasWoodenRailway (Keekre24), TRAINSARECOOL2 (Damian), henryfan88 (Trey), Percyno6, Jamesis5, TheThomasWoodenGuy (Kyle) and others.  In 2011 and 2012, he became friends with most of the newer members of the community like HenryisGreat15 and LNERFlyingScotsman. On March 22, 2012, Ryan uploaded his farewell video to the community, after several failed attempts of leaving the community. 

After Leaving

Ryan started to sell some of his TWR trains on eBay. He sold his 1992 Thomas, Toby, Henrietta and Mavis. He also sold his 1994 Troublesome Brakevan and Gordon. YouTube user michaeltdrums bought his Thomas and Troublesome Brakevan, and users bertramfan1 and LNERFlyingScotsman attempted to get his 1992 Toby. He bought his final TWR item, the 10 Year Anniversery Thomas, in fall of 2012. During the community battle with Jack, Ryan sided with the community, even after leaving. 

Closing Account 

2 years after he left his channel, Ryan finally closed his account. The date was April 13, 2014, exactly 6 years after he made his original account. He left with nearly 500 subscribers and almost 3,000,000 video views. Ryan will always be remembered for his time in the community. Luckily, long time friend TRAINSARECOOL2 has saved every single public Rboffill video, and is planning on burning a few discs of them. In the summer of 2015, Ryan continued to sell trains on eBay as he continued selling parts of his collection.