Raretwrhunter is a former member of the Thomas Wooden Railway Community, and his channel was created on March 21st, 2013


Raretwrhunter Started out as Thomas DVD Guy, and uploaded DVD overview's and video's of his Tomy train's. Since then he has had many account's, which are listed below. ThomasDVDGuy (raretwrhunter) was on Twitter during the Jack War, and watched the whole thing go by on Twitter without saying a word.


The blog was started before the YouTube channel and has DVD review's, episode Review's, along with popular new's post's. The early blog post's were deleted because of poor wrighting, and the layout was changed many time's through out the year's

Today and the Future

In the near future Raretwrhunter plan's to make a Wooden Railway series and remake's of his own, but his collection is small at the moment.

List of Deleted Channel's





There are more, but they are forgotten:)

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