RailwayOfSodor's former profile picture.

RailwayofSodor is a member of The Thomas Wooden Railway Community. RailwayofSodor has been one of the few female members in the community and joined on September 24, 2011. Her name is Tyler.

2 Channels

Tyler had two channels in her earlier days on YouTube. One was RailwayofSodor, and the other one was called PhoenixFeathers. She uploaded videos to both accounts and later held a video contest. She uploaded a video to both channels and stated whichever video got more views in a week would determine which channel she would switch onto full-time. RailwayOfSodor won and she stayed on that channel.


Tyler's first video was a review she called Track Talk and she reviewed Henry and Gordon. She continued on doing Track Talks on various engines and destinations. She released 23 reviews before her eventual departure from the community.


Tyler's first four remakes were made with her narrating the episode and using her hands to guide the trains. By her fifth remake she had upgraded the quality of her remakes by adding string and using narration from the actual TV episode.

Jack War

During the Jack War, Tyler supported the community and gave evidence, with the help of TheBluebellEngine, to support the claims against Jack. Jack apparently found another channel of Tyler with her face as the profile picture and exploited this. Tyler closed that account soon after.


Tyler left the community 5 months after uploading her last review. By July 2013, all her videos had been deleted from YouTube, but she left her channel remaining. The channel has 335 subscribers. Tyler will be remembered as one of the community's few female members.