RailwaySeriesReviewers was a collaboration channel created on July 19, 2013. Oliver Duck (Ted) and HenryisGreat15 (Johnny) ran the channel.


Most of the videos on RailwaySeriesReviewers were made under the same format. Ted and Johnny would watch an episode from Thomas & Friends, giving their opinions before, during, and after the episode was on. There were four different types of videos made under this format.

RailwaySeriesReviewers (RWSR)

The classic series from RailwaySeriesReviewers. In RWSR, Ted and Johnny pick an episode to watch and give their opinions on it throughout the episode. With 7 total episodes, this series had the most videos made.

Fail Fridays

In Fail Fridays, Ted and Johnny give their opinions on an episode that is known to be a bad one. This series had 4 total episodes.

You Pick Saturdays

In You Pick Saturdays, users would comment in previous videos an episode they would like to see Ted and Johnny review. Whatever episode had the most votes would be pick. This series had 4 episodes.

Classic Sundays

In Classic Sundays, Ted and Johnny would watch old, classic episodes from Thomas & Friends while they give their opinions on it. This series had 4 episodes.


Towards the end of 2013, RailwaySeriesReviewers became less active. On April 4, 2014, Johnny announced on Twitter that he left the community, thus leaving RailwaySeriesReviewers. The last video to be uploaded to the channel was "Tugs Theme Song" in February 2014.

Possible Return

After Johnny left, Ted started to look for someone to replace him. In late 2014, Ted decided that Percyno6 would be joining RailwaySeriesReviewers, along with a few more users to make videos for the channel. Ted and Percyno6 had made a few videos with plans of releasing the videos in early 2015. However, Ted ended up losing the files of the videos made. Plans of a RailwaySeriesReviewers were soon cancelled. Ted would end up leaving the community in August 2015. With both Ted and Johnny gone from the community, it looks like we won't be seeing a return of RailwaySeriesReviewers.

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