Quest 89 is a series created by Nick TF89 / Thomas fan 89. It is primarilly known for mainly focusing on Connor

The series logo (mainly used during the first season).

(especially in earlier episodes). The series premiered on October 5th, 2013 is is still going on today.


The series borrows elements from many genres and tries to be an action/adventure series. It was mainly focused on Connor for the first two seasons, but later opened up the spotlight for more characters in Season 3. (However Connor having a lead role will return in Season 4). Nick considers the first one and a-half seasons to be very un-professional. (Poor lighting, annoying voice acting, lack of writing, etc.) The series was vastly overhauled 3/4 of the way through the third season, with a new studio, better quality of filming, actual scripts, and other improvments. The series also was on hiatus during most of 2014, as well as a good chunk of 2016. The Season 3 finale, The Road to Sodor, is currently in the works and Nick has been writing and coming up with ideas for Season 4 since fall 2016.

Quest 89 has it's own wiki, click here to view it .  (It should be noted the wiki is titled the Rails of Europe Wiki, as it was originally for the series of the same name, which was later cancelled by Nick due to lack of interest.)


  1. Crash of Destiny
  2. Preperations
  3. Leaving the Mainland
  4. Connor, Coal and Crashes
  5. 00 Hugh
  6. Betrayal Part 1
  7. Betrayal Part 2
  8. Connor V.S. Diesel
  9. Retrieving the Map
  10. The Quest Begins
  11. The Diesel Army
  12. Dedication
  13. The Grudge
  14. Journey Through the Moonlight
  15. Steam Search Part 1
  16. Steam Search Part 2
  17. Love and Magic
  18. Strike it Where it Glows
  19. Shafted
  20. Battle of the Brave Brothers
  21. Man in the Shadows
  22. Maiden Voyage
  23. Stress
  24. Attack of the Assassin
  25. Down by the Docks
  26. Chase and Point (uploaded in two parts)
  27. Smudger
  28. Personal Game (uploaded in two parts)
  29. The Ones Who Know (uploaded in three parts)
  30. The Road to Sodor (work in progress)

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