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joined YouTube on September 20, 2008, and is still making videos today. He was one of the first TWR members to join YouTube. He is the leader of Tank Engines Studios and is also a member of OurTWRCommunity.


Percyno6 made his first ever YouTube account on July 14, 2008.  The account was not about TWR and has since been deleted. One day he searched Thomas Wooden Railway on YouTube and he came across Keekre24. He started to talk to him almost immediately after he watched his first video. After about a week of talking to him, Percyno6 would be born.  

First Videos

Percyno6's first videos were of his Thomas Wooden Railway Series, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Stories, were some of his first videos. The first episode of the series was James the only Red Engine. His series would last for 6 seasons until it was cancelled when he left YouTube in July 2009.  He would also make remakes. Today Percyno6 uploads remakes after he completes a season, but in his early years he would upload remakes whenever he wanted to.  His first remake was Steamroller.  His most popular remake was Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady. After over 500,000 video views, Percyno6 would leave the Community for the first time on July 19, 2009.

Early Friends

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Percyno6's first friends on YouTube were ThomasWoodenRailway and Thomasfan24. The 3 of them spent many hours on streams listening to videos and talking with each other. This friendship of the 3 lasted until Thomasfan24 left YouTube, although Keekre24 and Percyno6 are still very good friends. He was also friends with rboffill, TRAINSARECOOL2, and henryfan88 before they left. He still talks with rboffill and trainsarecool2 today. He was also friends with Jamesis5 prior to him leaving the community. LegoLegion5000 was also a good friend of his.

Later Years

When he returned for the first time, he stopped making his series and made only remakes and discussions.  He did this every time he returned excluding his current return. Just like Keekre24, he was known to leave YouTube multiple times. During 2010, one of the first people he discovered was Sirtophamhatt291. The two were friends up until the summer of 2012. Although he's left many times, Percyno6 is one of the longest lasting TWR YouTube users. As the years went on, he added to his list of friends HenryisGreat15, thomasfreak808, LNERFlyingScotsman, WoodenRailwayReviews, and jlouvier, among others. 

2011 Departure

After having been back for nearly a year, Percyno6 decided it was time for him to leave the Community once again. After considering all options, he figured the time he used for his Percyno6 account would be better used for other things. Unlike other times he left, he really thought this would be the end of his channel. Before he left, he deleted all his personal messages and all the people on his friends list back when both of these were features most used on YouTube. He also would delete all his videos that he uploaded since his 2010 return. He left his channel up, but removed his icon and had a goodbye message in the channel description. On June 18, 2011, 10 days shy of exactly one year from his return to YouTube, Percyno6 left YouTube for what he thought would be the final time.

2011 Return

After almost 3 months away, Percyno6 returned for the third time on September 5, 2011. He decided to return a few weeks before the actual return when he realized he could still have time for YouTube videos on Percyno6. His first video was his collection video, which now has over 30,000 videos views, also being his second most watched video he has ever uploaded. When he came back, he knew he still won't have much time for uploads. From the time of October 2011 - February 2012, he was only able to upload 6 videos (all reviews) during this time. It was in March 2012 when he made the decision to bring back something he had not done on his channel since 2009.

Series Reboot

Percyno6 decided to bring back his series in March 2012. This made it the first time since 2009 that Percyno6 would be making a series on his channel. His first movie he made after he brought the series back, Diesel 10: The Showdown, is now his third most viewed video ever. Other movies Percyno6 has made for the series reboot are Lockdown: The Island of Sodor, The Battle of the Island, and The Clash of Chaos.


Percyno6 started out 2012 by finishing up the discussions he started in 2011, with reviews on Terence, Satly, and Butch. Once the discussions were complete, a layout video of his revived series would be released in March and season 1 would finish in June. July and August would consist of 5 remakes. The season 2 layout would be released at the end of August with the first movie, Diesel 10: The Showdown, being released on the 4 year anniversary of Percyno6. Following that, season 2 would start in September and finish on Christmas. Following season 2, Percyno6 would take a break from his series and return to discussions. The final video of 2012 was on New Year's Eve. It was a discussion on the 3 Lorries, officially bringing back discussions.

Jack War

Percyno6, along with Damian (TRAINSARECOOL2) started up the war against Jack during the summer of 2012. Damian was trying to show the fraud Jack was. Jack was lying about stuff he had told Percyno6 in the past, and he gave Damian quotes of what Jack had said. The next day Jack was mad at Percyno6 and Damian. A few days later, the 2 hour Skype call happened, and Jack magically forgave Percyno6. Percyno6 always sided with the Community during the war against Jack.


Percyno6 began 2013 by uploading numerous discussions from January to June. Once finished, Percyno6 uploaded his third layout video followed by his movie Lockdown: The Island of Sodor. Season 3 would then begin on July 5 which would eventually end with the final episode on October 18. On September 20, 2013, Percyno6 celebrated 5 years on YouTube. He made a short video talking about his time on YouTube. November marked the purchase of 1992 Toby and Mavis. Percyno6 would then upload reviews on the 1992 Toby, Mavis, and a Daisy already purchased for November.

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After a down year for the community in 2013, Percyno6 uploaded on December 2 a video "History of the Thomas Wooden Railway YouTube Community," inspired by TRAINSARECOOL2's video called "Rant On The "Community" and Why It Sucks Today." Many people consider the video, along with Oliver Duck (Ted) uploading everyday in December to be why the Community was able to bounce back from a bad 2013. Percyno6's video inspired people to join the community, return to the community, and make more videos. Ted and Percyno6 would also upload a video on Percyno6's channel showing new users videos that would help bring people to their channel.

To finish off 2013, Percyno6 uploaded his fourth layout video. He ended 2013 by uploading the first episode of season 4, The New Year's Engine, on December 31.


Season 4 would continue to be uploaded in 2014, ending on April 10 followed by the third movie, The Battle of the Island, on April 24. The summer would consist of a few videos. The first which was talking about this Wikia. He reached 1,000 subscribers on July 14, 2014. He put out a Peter Sam & The Refreshment Lady remake with HiroTheJapaneseTrain as the narrator. He would then do his first Q&A, with the answer videos coming out in early August. Ted and Percyno6 would make a second (and thus far, last) video introducing new members of the community. August would end with a fifth layout video and first episode of season 5. On September 28, Percyno6 announced the return of Tank Engines Studios. Season 5 would end on December 5. Percyno6 finished 2014 with a review on the Thomas Winter Wonderland 3-pack review. Percyno6, along with MrMPS and Oliver Duck, were the creators and members of TWR Community Radio which was created on December 30.


The first video of 2015 was a bloopers video from season 5. In March, Percyno6 would do his first crossover ever. The crossover was an Oliver Review with Ted. The video was the first time Percyno6 or any user used a mask in a video. Percyno6 would end up doing another crossover in 2015. This was the Hector Review with MrMPS that was also apart of the crossover saga and picked up where the Oliver Review left off. Besides crossovers, 2015 marked the start of season 6. For the first time ever, Percyno6 would start another series. This series is called Branch Line Chronicles, and is began on September 20, Percyno6's 7 year anniversary on YouTube. Towards the end of the year, Percyno6 did reviews on Stanley and Murdoch. These reviews would mark a turn in the way reviews are done on the channel, with reviews now featuring sketches and some having a story line.


Season 6 would end up finishing in May. Crossovers would continue in 2016. Percyno6 did a Stafford Review crossover with Woodenrailwayonly. There was also two crossovers for the crossover saga. The first was a BoCo Review with MultiGreenThunder, followed by the Ryan Review with EricPierre53 that picked up where the BoCo Review left off. In June, Percyno6 uploaded his second Thomas Wooden Railway Collection video (the first since 2011) which has since become the most viewed video on the channel. Following the end of TWR Community Radio, Percy's Ever Present Past was moved to Percyno6's channel. Now an interview, the first episode back was with LNERFlyingScotsman. The summer also included the channel's second Q&A, and a remake on Thomas Gets Trick. Thomas Gets Tricked was the first remake in two years and was narrated by Percyno6. The second episode of Branch Line Chronicles was uploaded this year. Percyno6 started "Who's Better," a series that compares an engine made in two different brands, in this case wooden railway and ertl. The series maybe continued in the future.


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