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Percyfan1998 is a member of the TWR Community. He joined on March 8th, 2013. His name is David.


Prior to creating his YouTube Account David stumbled upon Youtube mysteriously by mistake whilst exploring back in Early 2007, and was inspired by users such as DiamondThomas, Waylon8tor, GuyandRotor, etc.

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Years passed, and due to the necessity of having a gmail account in High School, David ended up also creating his YouTube account, which still bears the same name in 2013. Inspired by SkarloeyRailway01 and missoliverandblossom, he and a personal friend of his produced a parody remake of 'The Diseasal' from the RWS text.

In later months he remade small scenes from the RWS in TWR format, which were 'Home at Last' and 'Breakvan,' all narrated by him.

In 2014 David produced his first original episode titled 'James' Calamity,' which was extremely simple in plot, and David looks at it as nothing more that a starting stone for him.


In 2015 David began production of his second episode 'I Was A Teenage Wreck' which was written back in late 2014. During this time he became more aware of the other members of the TWR community such as turtlesandthomas and MilkTankerMedia, seeing these people so successful inspired him to do better.

'I Was A Teenage Wreck' was released in early summer of that year and featured the the voice of MrMPS as a juvenile delinquent OC created by David. This version of the episode received huge attention, and racked up several views withing the first few days of the release, even earning a comment from turtlesandthomas.

At the end of the summer another episode was released called 'Heatstroke' which due to rendering issues had to be reuploaded. It was not as successful as IWATW.

A few weeks later and David made a remake of 'Time for Trouble' using the TV series version. In December part one of 'Misfortunes' was released, and between the release of part one and part 2, a remake of 'Saved from Scrap' then part 2.


During his spring break he released a short no narration video of Salty shunting around the yards, for the most part this short was used as a test to what BramGroatFilms told David how to prevent the echoing in VideoPad's renderings of the finished videos. This was success. David has one more episode planned for this year, while another is being rewritten.

In addition he's done a remake of the poem bit from 'The Sad Story of Henry' and a review of Arry and Bert.

He is now a member and admin of the collab channel Waddle Wheel Productions 8 which remakes of Thomas Comes to Breakfast (US narration being the most popular video on his channel) and Thomas, Percy and the Dragon were done for.

David, as a result of College, may not be making videos for a certain period of time, but had several productions on hold or in waiting.

Currently he is working on two upcoming videos though when they come out is not yet confirmed.


David has so far has reviewed 'Arry and Bert's early 2000s models and Farmer McColl's Pig Shed.


  • Between the months when IWATW uploaded and when Heatstroke was released, David's house was remodeled, hence the new floor seen in Heatstroke.
  • NMB is the initials of his personal friend.
  • 'Sudrian Shorts' was originally called 'Sudrian Style'

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