Percy's Dirty Job06:56

Percy's Dirty Job

"Percy's Dirty Job" is the tenth episode in Season 1 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Wooden Railway Stories


When Sir Topham Hatt needs an engine to help at the quarry, Percy volunteers to help. Bill and Ben help load a long line of troublesome trucks. Usually Bill and Ben would help Percy with such a long line, but decide not to help Percy. Once Percy arrives at Knapford Station to try and put the line of trucks by the Airfield, Sir Topham Hatt comes out to check on him. He was surprised to see Percy so dirty and tired. He also was shocked to see Bill and Ben were not there. He went to Tiger Moth and Tiger Moth gave Sir Topham Hatt a ride to Bill and Ben. He told the twins to meet him at Knapford Station. When Sir Topham Hatt returned, he saw Percy was derailed. The workmen said he wasn't hurt too bad, but couldn't take heavy trains for awhile. Sir Topham Hatt yelled at Bill and Ben, and told them to take the rest of Percy's train.


  • Percy (main role)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (main role)
  • Bill (main role)
  • Ben (main role)
  • Hector (minor role)
  • Tiger Moth (minor role)
  • Workmen (minor role)
  • Jack (cameo)
  • Alfie (cameo)
  • Max (cameo)
  • Monty (cameo)
  • Byron (cameo)
  • Thumper (cameo)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Arry (cameo)
  • Bert (cameo)
  • Donald (cameo)
  • Douglas (cameo)
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Boulder (cameo)
  • S.C.Ruffey (cameo)
  • Fred (cameo)
  • N.W. Brakevan (cameo)
  • Rickety (cameo)
  • Troublesome Truck (cameo)
  • Giggling Troublesome Truck (cameo)


  • First speaking roles for Percy, Tiger Moth, The Workmen, Hector, Bill, and Ben.
  • First appearances for The Workmen, Arry, Bert, Hector, Bill, and Ben.

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