Pageboy72 was a TWR user who joined the Community on April 5, 2007. He was known for his series,


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"Thomas the Idiot Tank Engine and Friends."

Before Thomas

Pageboy would originally make videos called "Mutt and Jeff" and "The Gumby Show." He would make many videos with clay along with "Mutt and Jeff" and "The Gumby Show." Once he started his series, these videos would appear less.


Pageboy would begin his series with "Murdoch and Gordon." He was one of the first users to use stop motion. His series would grow quickly and become very popular. His series didn't last long, as there were only 10 episodes. He would make a video before his tenth episode, stating he doesn't want his channel to be focused around Thomas, and would rather it be around Lego or Clay. He said he would have two more Thomas videos, episode 10 and the finale. Ironically, his final video would end up being Thomas. Before he would make his finale, he uploaded a video of him talking about a past video of his series that he didn't like. This was one of two non series Thomas videos he made (the other being a train collection). Part one of his final would be uploaded on December 29, 2009. His next part would be uploaded exactly one year later.


After a lack of videos between part one and two of the finale (only 3 videos were made), Pageboy would finally stop making videos after part two. He checked back in February 14, 2014 to say the reason he never finished the finale was him being in college. He also said when he was home, he was too busy to film due to it being a long process in which he would film.

Finishing the Finale

On April 4, 2015, over four years after his last video, Pageboy72 made his return. In the video, he said that he had filmed the final part and just needed to do the voice overs. Saying that "The story must be told" it looks like Pageboy72 will be finishing the finale that's been five years in the making. It has been over two years since the update video on the fourth of April 2015.