OrigamiAirEnforcer is a user who first joined YouTube on July 25, 2009.


OAE's account has lived up to its name. All his videos visible on his account have to do with origami planes. Despite making origami plane videos, he became interested in the Community, and quickly became friends with other Community members.


OAE became one of the original 10 members in OurTWRCommunity. When the account was first up,he never got the time to make a TWR video for the account. Once Percyno6 and SirTophamHatt291 helped bring OurTWRCommunity back, he became one of only 3 original members to return. Now, his TWR videos are uploaded to OurTWRCommunity. Since OurTWRCommunity's 2012 return, OAE has made 5 remakes. This includes The Runaway, Down the Mine, James in a Mess, Pop Goes the Diesel, and Thomas Gets Tricked. His remake style is stop motion, something the Community hasn't seen much of since Jamesis5. OAE has plans of another remake in the near future.

Fun Facts

  • OAE was the one who created and helps run the OurTWRCommunity Twitter page.
  • OAE once was a voice actor in NWRNO6's series, although the episode has since been removed.
  • OAE is also an incumbent administrator on the TWR Wiki.
  • OAE was also involved with the Sleptlate War.

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