Oliver Review

Oliver Review

Oliver Review is a crossover featuring Percyno6 and Ted (Oliver Duck) from March 12, 2015. This is the first ever crossover to feature Percyno6.


The video starts off with Percyno6 saying there is one thing that he needs to do before season 6. We then go to meanwhile in Canada where we get a recap of what happened in the last crossover, Roundhouse Review. We then see Ted return home on his snowmobile after leaving the last crossover, thankful he's finally away from the crossovers. He then goes on Skype to see many messages from users begging Ted to do a crossover with them. He picks someone to do a crossover at random, and it ends up being Percyno6. Once they agree to do a crossover, Ted says you need to show your face to do a proper crossover. Percyno6 then reveals a mask, which Ted says will work. Once the review is over, MrMPS appears and is upset with Ted for doing a crossover with Percyno6. MPS then shoots Ted. Luckily, Ted regenerates with new clothes then leaves the crossover feeling very happy, although Percyno6 is then left confused as to what just happened.

Behind the Scenes

  • The idea to do a crossover originally came up as a joke between the two during a Skype call. When Percyno6 brought up the idea of using a mask, the two decided to make a crossover.
  • The plan was to just have Ted and Percyno6 in the video. When they decided they wanted to continue the crossover sage, MPS was added along with the recap at the beginning.
  • Burn
    The two decided to keep the crossover secret from the Community minus MrMPS. This trend of secret crossovers has continued with most of Percyno6's crossovers.
  • When Ted burned the picture of the knock-off Olivers (right), it did not go too well. The empty garbage tin that Ted put them in did not stop the burning and it soon had to be put out with water. No property was damaged, but there was a strong fire smell in Ted's room for weeks. Ted's parents smelt it from the other side of the house and came to investigate. They could not find anything as it was all cleaned, and thought it had to be something not in the room.


  • This is the first crossover to have featured Percyno6.
  • Percyno6 became the first user to use a mask in a video, a trend that has continued on with many other users in the Community.
  • EricPierre53 appears in this crossover via footage of the last crossover.