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OliverTheGWR11, or Oliver is a British user who originally joined YouTube on July 17th, 2012. Following the accidental deletion of his first channel, he rejoined YouTube on January 10th, 2016.


In his early days, Oliver had a little trouble starting out. His videos were low quality and he had trouble gaining a following. One incident from this era is that he at one point got in an argument with Enterprisingengine93 over "Grim Messengers of Doom" and ripped off his episode "Waterworks". Later, he apologized to Matt, and Matt forgave him.

On Christmas Eve 2013, he got iMovie, and would start to improve his channel in 2014. He also had a backup channel called OliverTheGWR11 2.0 where he was going to upload non-Thomas related content. It is unsure at this time whatever happened to this idea.

At the time, Oliver had nearly 300 subscribers. It is also worth noting that he managed to acquire the Thomas Wooden Railway Timothy prototype model, which has since become a symbol of his channel and his work.

On the 10th of January 2016, Oliver accidentally deleted his account. Promptly following this, he opened a new channel, ready to start over.

Sudrian Stories

Oliver's first series started in March 2014. Some of the episodes were remakes of stories from the original TV series as well as the Railway Series. He also made a few shorts. However, these were deleted while the episodes remained.

Oliver hated the first five episodes and vowed to improve afterwards. He had made 19 episodes and even a movie, ZERO, before the accidental deletion of his channel.

The Sudric Legends

Mid 2015, Oliver became close friends with Ryatron 12. One thing that the two would often do is make "dumb" stories on their layouts and sets while talking on Skype. They both always had the idea to make their stories into some sort of series at some point, and eventually it was decided in November after a story with Gordon and Ryan that they would go through with the idea. They both released trailers on their channels which received positive reviews, and the first episode The Sudric Legends was released on May 26th, 2016.

Later on, a Wiki was made for the series

Oliver and The Community

After getting Skype and Twitter, Oliver has gotten to know other community members much better, and started to get successful in the community. He is known for his custom models, dry wit, and of course, The Sudric Legends.


  • His real name is Riley, but he prefers to be called Oliver, as he originally didn't want to reveal his true name.
  • He is in posession of the prototype for the Wooden Railway model of Timothy, and the Take 'n' Play models of Duncan and Charlie.